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Section I, Values, Vision, Mission and Purpose Statements

1.01 Values, Vision, Mission, and Purpose Statements

CNM Vision Statement

Changing Lives, Building Community

CNM Mission Statement

To create educational opportunities and community partnerships while pursuing a level of community college excellence that is worthy of local and national recognition.

CNM Core Values

Caring, Civility, Excellence, Hope, Integrity, Leadership

In 2012, CNM gathered input from students, faculty and staff to help develop the Strategic Direction that will guide the college for the next five years. The strategic direction encompasses the college's core Mission, Vision and Values as well as three overarching goals: Student Success, Community Success, and Organizational Excellence and Innovation. You can learn more below.

Message From the President

caption:Picture of Kathy for the mission page.

Dear Friends,

In 2008, we unveiled a five-year Strategic Direction for CNM. Not long after the ink was dry, a historic recession began to set in. Thanks to a well-conceived, thoroughly planned Strategic Direction that guided all of our decision-making, our college achieved great progress despite an era of record budget cuts and soaring enrollment.

In 2013, we don’t know for sure what will be in store for us over the next five years. But we do know that we have a new Strategic Direction that will be our touchstone through the end of 2017.

We have identified three new goals that will set the new course for CNM and all of our employees. I encourage you to read through this document and learn more about the goals that are focused on “Student Success,” “Community Success” and “Organizational Excellence and Innovation.”

Our Vision is “Changing Lives, Building Community.” Through this new Strategic Direction, we intend to change more lives for the better and do our part to build an even stronger community.


Dr. Katharine Winograd, CNM President

caption:Depiction of successful students.Student Success

Ensure learning and support that promotes student persistence in achievement of education and training goals.

Implement and measure the impact of strategies to promote student retention and success.

In support of CNM Value: Caring and Hope

Identify and implement strategies to support successful student completion and transfer.

In support of CNM Value: Caring and Excellence

Increase number of degrees and certificates awarded.

In support of CNM Value: Caring


caption:Depiction of a successful community.Community Success

Lead and support high value workforce and community engagement.

Advance CNM as a leader in workforce and economic development.

In support of CNM Values: Excellence and Caring

Timely, relevant, honest assessment of diverse community needs, and agility to respond.

In support of CNM Values: Leadership and Hope

Identify and nurture strategic partnerships.

In support of CNM Value: Excellence and Leadership

caption:Depiction of an excellent organization.Organizational Excellence and Innovation

Define CNM as a high quality organization and transformational workplace.

Advance the quality journey to measure and improve performance outcomes, to promote evidence-based decision-making, and to promote a culture of accountability.

In support of CNM Values: Leadership and Excellence

Advance a culture for caring and responsive support and service.

In support of CNM Values: Civility and Caring

Create and sustain a diverse system for growth, development and support of employees.

In support of CNM Values: Excellence, Caring and Hope

Clarify and articulate the distinct and dynamic identity of CNM.

In support of CNM Value: Excellence, Integrity and Leadership