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Governing Board Handbook - Foreword

The Governing Board is an elected group of individuals, constituting a lawful political subdivision, who represent the population of the Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) District.

The Board is responsible for policies that govern all phases of the educational program within the College.

Policy statements are regularly adopted and promulgated by the Board with the intention of addressing the mission, vision, values, and goal of the College. The policies are intended for the use of College employees, students and other citizens to provide a general operating climate for guiding decisions related to the attainment of desired educational objectives.

The implementation of the policies through administrative measures is delegated by the Board to the President as the Chief Executive Officer for the Governing Board.

Recommendations for Board policy changes are received by the Board in an orderly manner through the duly constituted arrangements described in Board policies and implemented by current administrative procedures. The Board relies upon the President and staff for the experience and training in education and administration of the College to provide the Board with general guidance in matters of instituting and revising policy.

This Policy Handbook sets forth general governing oversight; additional policies and procedures are contained in the Governing Board Reference Manual.  All policy statements and operational policies and procedures are available for public inspection in the office of the President of the College.

February 2000

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