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Governing Board Handbook - Section V, Personnel Matters


The Board authorizes the President of the College to recommend employees for hire and direct the work of employees; to promote and assign employees; to evaluate, demote, transfer, suspend, discharge or terminate employees; and to take such actions as may be necessary in times of emergency.

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A. The President shall, at each Board meeting, present to the Board for approval the names of any employees who have completed their trial period and are recommended for employment by the Governing Board.
B. The Board shall annually approve the employment of all College personnel for the next fiscal year.  Persons recommended for employment by the President may perform duties, on a temporary basis, pending employment by the Governing Board.

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    5.03. NEPOTISM

    A. No person may be hired who is related to a member of the Governing Board in the following manner: father or mother, child, brother or sister, grandfather or grandmother, grandson or granddaughter, uncle or aunt, nephew or niece.

    1. 1. Excluded from the prohibition of this paragraph are student work-study employees.

    B. No person may be assigned to a supervisory or subordinate position to another employee within the College if the employees are related in the following manner: father or mother, child, brother or sister,  grandfather or grandmother, grandson or granddaughter, uncle or aunt, nephew or niece. Table of Contents

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      The Board shall approve an Employee Handbook containing all administrative policies and directives affecting employees.

      A. Policies and directives shall cover, but not be limited to, the College's mission, vision, values and goal, organization, employment policies, code of conduct and workplace behavior, wage and salary policies, benefits, work rules and calendar, leave policies, professional development, substance abuse, discipline and grievance procedures, records, publications and research projects, and use of College property.
      B. The Employee Handbook shall be distributed to all employees at the time of hire and thereafter as new editions are published.
      C. The Board directs the President to seek the advice of the employees in formulating recommendations about matters affecting the employees.

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        In accordance with the New Mexico Public Employee Bargaining Act, the Governing Board shall adopt a policy that sets forth the manner and means for collective bargaining at the College and establishes a Central New Mexico Community College Labor Relations Board.

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        The Governing Board believes that the successful delivery of the educational services offered to the community by the College depends on the performance of all members of the staff: administrative, instructional, and support.  Outstanding performance requires competency, commitment, and continued motivation of members in each employment category.  The Board, therefore, directs the President to provide for continued development of employee competencies through appropriate professional development activities.

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        The Governing Board believes it may at times be in the best interest of the College and its students to hire faculty who do not hold a baccalaureate degree but possess current and relevant knowledge of the subject matter to be taught.  The Board shall adopt such a policy in keeping with its responsibility to provide students with training that leads to employment.

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        The College has committed its resources to creating an environment that fosters learning.  Such an environment depends in part on the physical, emotional, and social well-being of students and staff.  Abuse of alcohol and drugs impairs work and academic performance, poses a threat to the health and safety of the College community, and undermines the learning environment. The Board is committed both to maintaining a drug- and alcohol-free campus and to helping students and staff solve drug- and alcohol-related problems.  The Board will support the laws of the city, state and federal government regarding the use, sale or possession of controlled substances or alcohol.

        In accordance with those laws, and in the spirit of supporting the physical and social well-being of students, faculty, and staff, the Board directs the President to have in effect a policy on controlled substances and alcohol. CNM also recognizes the dangerous substances contained in cigarettes and other tobacco products to include e-cigarettes as well as the harmful effects on the user and the second-hand impact on others who come into contact with these products. CNM is a smoke-free institution and all tobacco and tobacco-related products are banned from all CNM campuses except in clearly marked designated smoking areas. This policy complies with the Dee Johnson Clean Indoor Act.

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        5.09. SCHOOL YEAR

        An official calendar shall be adopted annually by the Board.

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        No employee of the College may furnish to anyone home addresses or telephone numbers of employees or students without their consent.

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