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Assessment Process & Report Forms


For newly approved areas/programs/disciplines, the following must be completed by the dates indicated:

  • Enter student learning outcome statements (SLOs) in CurricUNET by the first day of the following June.
  • Develop and submit by September 30 a 5-year assessment cycle plan (using the form provided by SAAC). At least one outcome should be assessed each year. All outcomes, where feasible, should be assessed within the 5-year cycle. SAAC requests/strongly recommends that each outcome be assessed for at least two consecutive years.

For existing areas/programs/disciplines, the assessment process is as follows: 

  • Assess, all outcomes, where feasible, over a 5-year period. At the end of the 5 years, develop a new 5-year assessment cycle plan (which is due by September 30 in the fall of the year in which the new plan will be implemented).
  • Submit assessment reports by September 30 of each year.
    • The reporting period runs from Summer (for which assessment is optional) through the following Spring.
    • Retain the following documentation within the school for a minimum of seven years (electronic files are sufficient):
      • Assessment Cycle Plans
      • Assessment Reports
      • Masters of assessment tools used for each outcome
      • Compiled assessment results from the assessment tools and any related data analyses

Assessment Forms and Other Faculty Resources