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Classroom Change Request

Requests for ADA accommodations for instructors must be made though Human Resources.
Call 224-4600.

Special needs accommodations for students must be made through the Disability Resource Center. Call 224-3259.

Due to the high number of students searching for classrooms at the beginning of each term, individual instructor classroom change requests may not be processed until  registration has ended in order to minimize student confusion. In addition, class cancellations are still being processed during this time which may cause more classrooms to become available to instructors wishing to change their room assignment. Exceptions to this policy may be authorized by an Associate Dean for the school or by the Scheduling department.

  • In order to change a classroom, an instructor must submit a classroom change request form online (see links for campuses below).

  • Please fill out all form fields with the required class information and click the submit button. The request form is sent to the scheduler and an email confirmation is generated and sent to the requestor.

  • After the registration deadline has passed, if another classroom is available at the scheduled time, the instructor's request will be granted.

    Please keep in mind that classroom changes are difficult to process at peak classroom usage times (M-R 8:00am to 2:00pm) and it may not be possible for the request to be granted if there are no other rooms available. Available classrooms are assigned on a ‘first come – first served’ basis. 

    The instructor will be notified if the change cannot be made listing reasons why.

Classroom exchanging with other instructors is not allowed. If the request can be granted, the room assignment will be changed in Banner and notice sent to both the instructor requesting the change and the admin support scheduling personnel for the school/campus in order to obtain a classroom change notification sign. It is the responsibility of the instructor to ensure that a classroom change sign is posted immediately preceding the scheduled class time on the old classroom door.

Request Classroom Change Forms:

For specific instructional room needs, please fill out and submit the Room Preference Form so that we can take special needs into consideration for future terms.

To report classroom facilities problems, please refer to the Maintenance web page on the Physical Plant Website to have a work order submitted. The problem will then be referred to the Facilities division for follow up.