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Event Scheduling for External Groups

External groups or organizations desiring to schedule an event using CNM facilities must use this form.

To request space for your event, please fill out the form completely and click the SUBMIT button to have the request sent to our scheduling office. When you submit the form, a copy of your request will be sent to you by email. The scheduling coordinator will then contact you to confirm your reservation.

For external groups, we require a minimum of 10 working days advance notice prior to the event.

If you have questions or problems, please contact Fiona Palmer at 224-3333.

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Event Details
Event Date   (If multiple dates are needed, please list each date and time in the Comments field below.)
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Facility Details
Room Type Needed  

Internet Access Needed?

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Event Type
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Registration Fee  

Will Food be Provided?   If yes, there is a $25 daily fee for any food brought to any CNM campus and additional reservation of a designated area is needed: cost may vary based on CNM campus.

Event Advertising/Press Attendance
Advertising and Press materials must be provided to CNM/MCO in advance
Will the Event be Advertised

Will the Press be Invited or Expected?