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General Educational Development (GED) Exam

Information about the General Educational Development (GED) exam.

The 2014 GED Exam

The new GED assessment continues to provide the opportunity to earn a high school credential but now goes further by measuring career- and college-readiness skills necessary for today’s curriculum and tomorrow’s success. There are now four tests:

  • Reasoning through Language Arts is 155 minutes and includes a 10 minute break. This includes a 45 minutes extended response item.
  • Mathematical Reasoning is 120 minutes, which includes a calculator-prohibited and on-screen calculator-allowed section.
  • Science is 95 minutes and includes some short answer items.
  • Social Studies is 95 minutes which includes a 25 minute extended response item.

A minimum passing score of 150 (on a scale of 100-200) must be achieved on each of the four tests; there is no overall average criteria required to pass. Testing must be completed within three years or scores will expire.

The test is offered on computer only. Field testing showed that even test-takers with minimal keyboarding skills had adequate time to enter their answers. Question types include multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, drag-and-drop, drop-down selections, short answer and extended response items.

Testing for the GED exam will be administered at CNM’s Workforce Training Center (room 127), Main, and Rio Rancho campuses. The cost is $30 per module or $120 total. 

Contact Us

GED Testing Center/CNM Workforce Training Center
Room 127
(505) 224-5263

How to Register

To register for the GED test, create your MyGED account at  You will have access to information about test preparation, scheduling, scoring, and college and career opportunities. When you are ready to schedule your tests, log in to your MyGED account.  Click "Start scheduling,” complete the demographic questions, schedule one test or multiple tests (we recommend not scheduling all four tests in one day), select your testing location (if your preferred testing location isn't displayed, click "Display more test centers"), and pay for your appointment. You can also register for the exam by calling 1-877-EXAM-GED, or by coming in person to the CNM Workforce Training Center, Main or Rio Rancho campuses.

Preparing for Your GED Exam

In addition to the GED classes and tutoring available through The Adult Basic Education (ABE) Program, there are also links to the Official GED practice exam “GED Ready”, the less extensive free practice exam, test-tips and other test preparation materials in the “Study” section of your MyGED dashboard.

16 and 17 Year Olds

If you are 16 or 17 years old at the time of testing you will be prompted to complete and submit an Underage Verification Form (UVF) in order to complete your on-line MyGED registration.  Fax, e-mail or drop-off the completed form at the CNM Workforce Training Center (room 127) or one of the CNM Assessment Centers after you’ve completed your online registration process up to that point. You will need your 9-digit NM ID number: APS students may contact Arlene Sanchez at (505) 855-9042; Rio Rancho students may contact (505) 896-0667; for other school districts, contact your superintendent’s office. Home Schooled students will also require signatures from the parents and the home school operator, as well as the Home School Confirmation number.  The form is also referred to as the Underage Permission Form, and is available at CNM Assessment Centers or on-line.

GED Test Results, Transcripts and Diplomas

Scores will be available online from your MyGED account at on the same day as testing.

Order your Official GED Transcript and Diploma from Create an account and then navigate to the free offer in order to receive your first transcript and diploma at no charge.

Special Accommodations

Information about requesting special accommodations for GED testing, such as extra time, or the use of a calculator for both portions of the math exam, or a private room, are available.

If you require special accommodations it is recommended that you meet with a counselor at the CNM Disability Resource Center (DRC) at the Main, Montoya or Rio Rancho campuses for assistance completing and submitting the required application and documentation forms.