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CTL Professional Development Calendar

Professional Development and Training Opportunities for CNM Faculty

Cognitive Development of the Adult Reader: Theory and Practice

The act of reading is a complex cognitive and neurological task.  As a species, we’ve only been doing it regularly for a few hundred years, yet it is a primary source of acquiring knowledge.  Over the next several months, SAGE Reading faculty are offering a 4-course series designed to penetrate the extensive theory and bests practices for teaching adults to become successful readers of a wide range of texts.  Although the courses have been developed primarily for SAGE Reading and English faculty who will be teaching the new SAGE Integrated Reading and Writing courses, any instructor who requires students to read texts, articles, or essays can benefit from the courses.  Each course will involve some pre-reading, a 4-hour workshop, and the opportunity for online follow-up discussions. For brief description of all 4 courses with registration links, go here.  

4th Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning at CNM

This annual event for CNM faculty and instructional staff was held next on January 15, 2016. See more.

Date: January 15, 2016
Time: 8:00am--4:00pm
Location: Sandia Resort & Casino Event Center 

Plans are underway for the next event tentatively scheduled for January 2017. CNM faculty interested in contributing to conference planning are welcome to join the CTL Faculty Professional Development Team.  Contact Erica Reed () for details.