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Academic Dishonesty

As an institute of higher learning, Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) is concerned that all participants in the learning environment conduct themselves with a high level of academic honesty and integrity.

CNM expects that students will conduct themselves at all times in a manner that supports and affirms these fundamental values. Hence, cheating, falsifying work or plagiarism will not be tolerated. Students committing these offenses are subject to penalty ranging from a “0” on the assignment or test, to an “F” for the course.

Students with repeat offenses are subject to disciplinary action up to and including suspension from the college.

Please review a full-length version of the Academic Dishonesty Policy at CNM. This policy will help you understand what course of action will be taken by CNM and your instructor if you are accused of engaging in an act that would qualify as academic dishonesty. Should this occur, your best course of action is to read and understand this policy and to talk honestly with your instructor about the situation.