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Academic Dishonesty

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Submit an Academic Dishonesty Incident Report

At CNM, academic dishonesty is taken very seriously. We believe that when academic integrity issues arise they should be dealt with appropriately. After all, our "teaching mission" certainly includes helping students understand the importance of honor, integrity and ethics as fundamental life values.

As an instructor, the best way to deal with academic dishonesty is to prevent it before it happens. To assist you with this, you will find a sample of how to address academic dishonesty in your course syllabus in the "Guidelines for Instructors" linked to this page.

If you find you are faced with an incident of cheating, plagiarism or other form of academic dishonesty, you will want to read the Academic Dishonesty Policy, and follow the procedural steps outlined in the policy. The incident, and your response to it, will need to be documented and sent to the Dean of Students Office on Main Campus along with the supporting documentation.