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Faculty Resources, Dean of Students Office

caption:Rudy Garcia, Dean of StudentsAs Dean of Students, one of my roles is to support each of you as faculty members while promoting student leadership and responsible citizenship. In a complex educational environment such as CNM, it is essential that members of the campus community behave in a manner conducive to learning.

Along with this, the freedoms of individual students and student groups to inquire, study, evaluate and gain new understanding and maturity is essential and must be protected and encouraged. Maintaining the balance between rights and responsibilities requires that order and stability are created on campus through established codes and policies designed to define behavioral standards and procedural expectations related to those standards.

Visit the pages to the left to find information designed to assist and support you as a faculty member when you are dealing with tough student issues such as academic dishonesty, classroom discipline and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

You will also find information related to programs and initiatives designed to encourage and promote student development outside the classroom. Student's can benefit from involvement at CNM with student activities, developing leadership skills, and being recognized for their efforts both in and outside of the classroom. As a faculty member, students will look to you for information about these opportunities so it is beneficial to be familiar with them.

If you need additional information, don't hesitate to call or email as needed.