Referral Process

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View available student employment positions posted on the CNM FASS web site.


Choose a campus, select a job number and print the Student Employment Job Posting and Referral page in LANDSCAPE to capture the entire page.


Schedule an interview with the supervisor listed on the referral form.


For the interview you will also need to provide proof of your student employment eligibility with either (a) a Financial Aid Award letter or (b) a Financial Aid Award verification.

If you do not have access to your Financial Aid Award letter, request that the supervisor go online to and follow these steps to show your student employment eligibility:


1. Go online to  >>  2. Login to my CNM >> Enter your User Name and Pass Phrase  3. Click on the Tab:  Financial Aid >> Look to the left of the screen that states Financial Aid >> Click on it >>  4. Select Aid Year and click Submit

If you would like to request Student Employment >> Click on the Student Employment Request Form


The following will also be required at the interview:


• A class schedule for the current term indicating a minimum of 6 eligible credit hours in an eligible program
• A Student Employment application (optional) (59 kb)

If you are hired by the department, submit to Financial Aid and Scholarship Services the Student Employment Job Posting and Referral form signed by the supervisor.