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CNM Employee Benefits

Central New Mexico Community College is committed to the vision of Changing Lives, Building Community. For CNM employees, this vision translates to a comprehensive benefits package created to help our 2,000+ employees thrive at CNM and beyond.

CNM Prepares to Explore Potential Employee Benefit Improvements

Beginning next week, CNM will begin issuing Request for Proposals for a variety of employee benefit programs to explore the market and determine whether the college can offer improved benefit packages to employees. RFPs will be released on March 17 and 19, seeking offers for employee medical, prescription drug, dental and vision coverage. Depending on feasibility results, life insurance and disability coverage RFPs may also be issued. If the responses to the RFPs can improve employee benefits, CNM will consider making changes. If the responses don’t provide added value to employees, CNM will continue with New Mexico Public Schools Insurance Authority coverage. The goal of this effort is to ensure that CNM offers its employees an optimal benefits package. Look for future communications about this topic as CNM evaluates employee benefit options.

Through New Mexico Public Schools Insurance Authority, known as NMPSIA, CNM offers a variety of benefits: two medical care providers with two options, high and low; a dental program with two options, high and low; vision insurance and various life insurance programs. In addition to these benefits, CNM offers generous holiday, vacation and sick leave to eligible employees. A Cafeteria Plan of pre-tax benefit options is also offered to new employees and during annual open enrollment.

Under the New Mexico Educational Retirement System CNM also offers an excellent retirement plan as well as supplemental retirement savings plans.

For additional tax savings CNM offers a Section 125 Cafeteria Plan with three options for pre-tax savings for premiums, out-of-pocket health care costs and dependent care expense.

An Employee Assistance Program is available at no cost to the employee. Outcomes, Inc. can be reached by calling (505) 243-7145.



Sick Leave

Sick leave can be used for sick-related time away from work including doctor's appointments.*

Annual Leave

Annual leave accrues each pay period and increases each year for ten (10) years.*

Personal Leave

Paid time off given to employees for the purpose of attending to personal business.*

Bereavement Leave

Leave for each death in the immediate family or anyone who lives with the employee.*

Medical Leave

All employees who have been employed with CNM for one (1) or more years and have worked a minimum of 1,250 hours within the past year are eligible for up to 480 hours of unpaid medical leave in a rolling 12-month period.*

Holiday Leave

All regular, full-time employees receive a minimum of sixteen (16) days of paid holiday leave.*

Catastrophic Leave

In the unfortunate event of an employee's unexpected severe personal illness where all of the employee's personal leave banks have been depleted, CNM offers the ability for other employees to donate annual or personal leave to help the employee through their time of need.*

Court Leave

Full pay is granted to all regular full and part-time employees for court legal processes, including jury duty, subpoena response, or other legal processes which require an absence from duty other than personal matters.

Military Leave

An employee is granted military leave in accordance with all state and federal laws. The first fifteen (15) work days of such leave is paid for employees in the National Guard or Reserve.

Professional Development Leave

Full-time employees who have completed at least three (3) years of continuous service are eligible to request professional development leave for a maximum of one (1) year to remain knowledgeable in their industry. Full-Time and Part-Time employees are also eligible to request leave to attend professional development activities.

* Please refer to the CNM Employee Handbook for specifics on different types of employees.

Healthcare and Insurance


Health Insurance

CNM employees can choose from two different health insurance companies and thousands of providers. Members of these plans have access to free preventive options such as free flu shots and free annual physical exams. Coverage is available for employees and in most cases, their spouses, dependents and domestic partners. Almost 1,000 employees and 500 dependents are covered by CNM health insurance.
Percentage of contribution to health insurance paid by CNM - 40%-80%*

Dental Insurance

CNM provides top-rated dental coverage for its employees, including preventive services and semi-annual cleanings.
Percentage of contribution to dental insurance paid by CNM - 40%-80%*

Vision Insurance

CNM employees have access to excellent vision insurance including annual exams and allotments for glasses or contacts.
Percentage of contribution to vision insurance paid by CNM - 40%-80%*

Life Insurance

All employees who work more than fifteen (15) hours per week are eligible for a no cost basic life insurance policy and can select affordable additional levels of coverage up to three times their base salary.
Percentage of contribution to basic life paid by CNM - 100%

Long-Term Disability

Employees are eligible to purchase long-term disability coverage which provides a portion of their monthly salary in the event of an injury or disability sustained during the course of an employee's job resulting in the employee's inability to continue to perform the duties of their job.
Percentage of long-term disability insurance paid by CNM 80%*

Flexible Spending Account and Dependent Care Reimbursement

Employees can set aside a portion of their annual salary, pre-tax, to pay qualified non-reimbursed medical expenses and qualified dependent care expenses incurred during the year. Employees can contribute up to $2,500 for medical costs and $5,000 for dependent care costs per plan year.**

* 40%, 60%, 75% or 80% based on the employee's classification as half-time, three-quarter-time or full-time and employee's salary.
** Please refer to the CNM Employee Handbook for specifics on different types of employees.


State Educational Retirement Board Pension Plan

CNM participates in the State Educational Retirement Board (ERB) pension plan providing a pension to CNM employees after they retire. Percentage of contribution to ERB paid by CNM - 13.15% of annual salary.

457 Deferred Compensation Plan

CNM offers a 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan for employees to contribute additional pre-tax funds to a retirement plan.

Retirement Planning Assistance

Employees can receive retirement planning assistance from the State Educational Board Pension Plan through its website as well as through retirement seminars and fairs. Employees also have access to a free retirement calculator to help them plan for their retirement.

Retiree Healthcare

Retired CNM employees are eligible for the New Mexico Retiree Healthcare Authority which provides medical, dental, vision and life insurance coverage for CNM retirees and, in most cases, their spouses, domestic partners, dependents and surviving spouses and dependents. Percentage of retiree healthcare plan paid by CNM – 2% of annual salary.

Educational Opportunities


Tuition Reimbursement

Most employees are eligible for tuition reimbursement for institutions other than CNM for up to twelve (12) credit hours per year, dependent on employee class, paid at the institutional rate or at the current University of New Mexico rates, whichever is lower.

CNM Employee and Dependent Tuition Waiver

With Supervisor approval, employees are eligible for limited annual tuition and fee waivers for all courses offered at CNM. In addition, the dependents of most employees are also eligible for annual tuition waivers at CNM.

Cooperative for Teaching and Learning

There are many professional development opportunities available to CNM faculty and staff through the Cooperative for Teaching and Learning (CTL).

CNM Workforce Training Center Discounts and Supervisor Academy

CNM employees receive a 10% discount on classes and can also attend Workforce Training Center's renowned Supervisor Academy free-of-charge with supervisor approval.

Executive Leadership Year (ELY )

CNM employees have the opportunity to be selected by the CNM executive team to receive a year of comprehensive executive level training. This is an opportunity for future leaders of CNM to be immersed in the executive leadership process and gain a deeper understanding of CNM culture, values, and mission.

New Faculty Institute

This year-long institute provides practical topics for new faculty, supports the development of student-centered teaching strategies, and provides peer support for new faculty at a critical time (their first year of teaching at CNM). In addition, the Institute provides a forum for academic dialogue related to teaching and learning, and acquaints new faculty with the diversity of students at the college.

Micali Leadership Institute (MLI)

The Micali Leadership Institute allows selected employees to gain additional insight on leadership challenges. MLI focuses on proactive leadership techniques while developing strategic thinking skills to help shape the future of CNM.

Employee Training

The Employee Training Department supports CNM’s Strategic Direction by orienting, training and developing employees. Employee Training manages all mandatory training requirements and offers a wide range of other professional development opportunities to improve the knowledge, skills and abilities of faculty and staff.

CNM believes our total compensation investment demonstrates our commitment to the well-being of our employees and their families.

FULL-TIME EMPLOYEE BASE SALARY $24,500 $34,500 $44,500
Benefits Paid by CNM (Premiums)
Retirement $3,222 $4,536 $5,851
Retiree Health Care $490 $690 $890
Health Insurance Premiums $10,602 $9,939 $9,939
Dental Insurance Premiums $759 $711 $711
Vision Insurance Premiums $136 $127 $127
Basic Life Insurance $52 $52 $52
Long Term Disability $123 $172 $222
Total Employer Paid Benefits $15,384 $16,227 $17,792



General Benefits




Affordable Parking



Affordable paid parking by the semester or by the year.


Free Parking



Free parking is available at all campuses and locations.


Bus Passes



CNM provides free bus passes to all students and employees for all ABQ Ride buses and routes.


Direct Deposit



Free Direct Deposit to participating banks both locally and nationwide, including some mortgage companies.


United Way Paycheck Designation



The CNM 'Leading the Way' Employee Giving Campaign allows employees to make a tax-deductible donation to the charities of their choice through United Way of Central New Mexico, all through easy payroll deductions.


Credit Union Membership



All CNM employees are eligible for membership in New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union.


Employee Assistance Program (EAP)



Free employee and family assistance counseling through Outcomes Inc. EAP is a completely confidential program for counseling, employee assistance, educational and prevention services.


Job Connection Center



The CNM Job Connection Center provides an opportunity for CNM employees to work on résumés, interview skills and more.





CNM negotiates with a variety of local businesses to obtain discounts for CNM employees and students in a variety of areas including health/wellness, computers, cellular service, daycare, automotive services and more. Discounts are available at



For more information, talk to a Human Resources rep at (505) 224-4600 or use this Contact Form.