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Recent Policy and Procedure Changes

CNM Policies and Procedures Office is conducting an ongoing review of the Central New Mexico Community Colleges Policies and Procedures and will continue to do so.

If you would like more information or details about these revised policies, contact Human Resources.

Revised IS-2528 FERPA Policy

On May 9, 2017, CNM’s Executive Team approved a revision to the College’s FERPA policy. The substantive revisions are as follows:

  • The list of directory information in Section 1.4 has been expanded to include CNM-issued student e-mail addresses and mailing addresses which are designated as limited use directory information.
  • Limited use directory information may only be disclosed to public or non-profit four-year institutions. CNM reserves the right to deny any request for limited use directory information if the information is being requested for recruitment purposes that are not in the best interest of its students or the College.

This information is provided as a summary only.  Please refer to the policy for more details.