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Students, Faculty, Staff, and the Community are needed to drive the program of innovation at CNM. Check out the links below to find out how you can help!

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David Valdés, 2013-2014 Presidential Fellow of Innovation, Math Instructor & more...

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I would love to have you on the team. To find out how you can help take a look at the Research & Development page to learn more about the program of innovation at CNM.


Contact David Valdés.

(505) 224-4000 x50294

Current Opportunities

Join me in the Implementation, or Evaluation of ideas that have been generated by focus groups and researched by our research groups! Please contact me at to express your interest in volunteering. Thanks!

Featured Innovations

Technological Innovation: CNM Glass

2014-2015 Presidential Fellow of Instructional Technology, Kat Flies, collaborated with CNM's Media Production Services to develop CNM Glass, a new teaching tool for CNM faculty. Click the image below to watch our promotional video.

CNM Glass


Economic Innovation: CNM STEMulus Center

This center is aimed at entrepreneurs, businesses, government agencies, and other concerted efforts to develop relevant economic innovations in the local area, such as Innovate ABQ

The CNM STEMulus Center is strategically located in downtown Albuquerque at the First Plaza Galleria building. For more information on the CNM STEMulus Center, please click the picture below.

Cultural Innovation: Mosaic Collaboration

mo·sa·ic /mōˈzā-ik/


1.  a picture or pattern produced by arranging together small colored pieces of hard material, such as stone, tile, or glass.

"the mosaic shows the baptism of Christ"

col·lab·o·ra·tion /kəˌlabəˈrāSHən/


1.  the action of working with someone to produce or create something.

"he wrote on art and architecture in collaboration with John Betjeman"

(Google definitions)

CNM is leading the way in mosaic collaboration by involving students, faculty, staff, and the community in notable projects.

Sustainability – faculty and staff have been generating momentum for sustainable initiatives that work on the collaborative effort of innovative administrators, charged faculty, and interested students.

Generating Innovation

Every phase of the program of innovation at CNM runs on the collaboration of students, faculty, staff, and the community. Click the image below to check out the central themes that came out of our focus groups.



Academic Innovation: College & Career High School

Albuquerque Public Schools has joined with the Central New Mexico Community College to develop a dual-credit school on the main CNM campus that will allow students to complete their high school diploma while earning a college certificate, two-year degree or credits towards a bachelor's degree. College & Career High School will open in the fall of 2013 to sophomores, juniors and seniors from across the greater Albuquerque community. [...]


APS Superintendent Winston Brooks and CNM President Kathie Winograd have discussed collaborating on a dual-credit high school for several years. The vision came to fruition in the spring of 2013 when classroom space became available on the CNM main campus. CNM offered the space to APS to create the dual-credit school where students would conveniently split their time between high school and college classes.

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez and Public Education Secretary Hanna Skandera also have expressed an interest in supporting the project, as has Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry. The New Mexico Public Education Department is providing APS with an opportunity to apply for funding to help with start-up costs.

Excerpt From: Albuquerque Public Schools website at

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