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Creating an Outlook Profile

1. Click Start | Settings | Control Panel and double click the Mail icon.

2. You should see this screen:

3. Click the Show Profiles button.  You should then see this screen.  There may already be names listed in the top window. . Click the Add button.

You will see this screen.  Type your name and click OK .

4. Next, you will see this screen:  Click OK to Add a new e-mail account.


5. Next, you will see this screen.  Leave Microsoft Exchange Server selected and click Next .


6. Then, you will see this screen.  Type exchange in the top field and your username in the bottom field.  Then click the Check Name button.

7. The screen will change to show as the e-mail server and it should underline your name, if it does not underline your name call the helpdesk at 224-4357.

8. Click the Next button. 

9. Click Finish to return to the Profile list

10. You should now see your profile listed.  Please verify that Prompt for a profile to be used at the bottom of this window is always selected.  Click OK to close this window.


11. Close the Control Panel to return to the desktop.

12. Now click on the Outlook 2003 icon. 

13.  You should be prompted to choose your Profile Name.

14. It is possible that you may be required to enter your username and password.  Don't worry, just enter your user name for the first time with admin\(user name) to make sure you are connecting to the admin domain.  In the future it will come up automatically and you will just have to enter your password.

15.  Your Outlook client should open at this time.  If you have any problems please contact the helpdesk.