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CNM Wireless Changes

CNM’s Wireless Networks are always changing

We are continuing to make improvements to CNM’s wireless computer networks in order to meet the growing need for wireless connectivity to computers and other devices.  During the school years 2014-2017, we will be increasing the number of wireless access points to make wireless access more available.  But we hope to make this change transparent to everyone.  You will see the same SSID’s that you see now (CNM_GUEST, CNM_CAMPUS, and CNM_SECURE) and the connection methods are exactly the same as they have been.  The changes will be in wireless speed, technology, and coverage areas.

Eventually all access points will be connected through 1-gigabit per second network connections.  This will provide users connected with faster download speeds and, often, shorter connection times.  These access points will also support the newest industry standard IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac protocols.  So, the newer mobile computing devices (laptops, phones, and tablets) will be able to take full advantage of the higher network speeds.

The ITS department is interested in expanding wireless coverage to areas where current coverage is poor or non-existent.  ITS Networking staff will be surveying buildings, but if you know of an area where students or staff could use more wireless access, please report this to the ITS Service Desk by calling 224-4357 or by email to


Most CNM students will want to point their computers to this wireless network.  Once you connect to network, you’ll be taken to a login screen where you’ll be required to log in – the screen should look like this:

Wireless 1


Your CNM username and password will be required to connect to this wireless network.  Students or faculty computers using this wireless network will be able to work as if sitting at a CNM lab computer. 


The “CNM_GUEST” wireless network is limited in its capabilities.  Connecting to this wireless network will give the user simply access to the Internet.  While anyone can use this network, this is a network that gives the user very limited access to CNM resources.  MyCNM, and CNM email are reachable and, of course, Blackboard and other web-based resources are available.  VPN connections can also be made on this network – this will make it practical for visiting vendors and CNM’s business partners to use when visiting our campuses.

Wireless 2

When you connect to this wireless network, you will be presented with a splash screen that the user will be presented with a link to the “CNM_GUEST Acceptable Use Policy”.  

By clicking on the “Submit” button, you are accepting CNM’s rules and restrictions based this policy.


This wireless network is ONLY for CNM’s employees and faculty members.  Employees and staff wanting to access the “CNM_SECURE” wireless network may need to call the ITS Service Desk to request assistance in getting your computer system set up.  Once your computer system is properly configured, you will be able to login using your own CNM username and password.  There will be no splash screen when connecting to the “CNM_SECURE” network – you will simply be connected and move directly to your computer login screen.  Once you are successfully connected to the CNM_SECURE network, your system will operate as if you were sitting at a “wired” computer on CNM’s administrative network.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding CNM’s wireless computer networks, or how to connect to them, you can check out for troubleshooting information.  Or, you can contact the ITS Service Desk at 224-HELP (224-4357) or .