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Dual Credit Program Requirements

You are eligible for Dual Credit classes if you are a current sophomore, junior or senior from one of the high schools or charter schools participating in CNM's Dual Credit Program.  Students who have successfully completed their freshman coursework can take Dual Credit classes the summer prior to their sophomore year.

Additional requirements include:

  • You must be enrolled at your home high school at least half time.
  • You must show that you have met course prerequisites by submitting ACT or SAT scores at a CNM Admission Office or by taking CNM's Accuplacer Assessment to test for college-level course placement.
  • You can only take college-level courses, courses numbered 1000 or higher.
  • If you register for developmental courses, 900 level or below, you will be dropped from the classes.
  • Will receive elective high school credit and CNM college credit when a course is completed.
  • You cannot audit CNM Dual Credit courses.

Be sure to talk with your high school counselor for more information, including getting high school approval to participate in Dual Credit.