Student Engagement Action Project Team

The Student Engagement Action Project team will develop a mechanism to identify students who are most at-risk and would be interested in partnering with a CNM Employee, through an Adopt-A-Student initiative. This initiative will increase student’s support structure and network by enhancing the student’s knowledge of CNM resources. Secondly, the Student Engagement Action Project team will develop professional development and engagement opportunities for CNM student employees. Thus increasing the value in the student employee experience.

Team Sponsor

  • Phillip Bustos

Team Members

  • Christopher Cavazos
  • Nariman Arfai
  • Nicole Romero
  • Yolanda Pacheco
  • Kristofer Gaussoin
  • Ron Dassanayake
  • Clyde Ortiz
  • Brandon Seber
  • Nikki Purkeypile
  • Poppy Johnson Renvall
  • Jennifer McDonald