Universal Design Action Project Team


Questions About This Team?

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The Universal Design Action Project Team (UDP) is charged to integrate the principles of universal design into CNM’s culture. The UDP Team will lead ownership of accessibility through the CNM community to ensure that accessibility is incorporated into CNM operations. By developing a coordinated approach to assistive technology the team hopes to improve retention, course pass rates, transfer rates and graduation rates of students with disabilities from baseline year to 2020. Thus improving awareness of students and employees to assistive technology resources.

Team Sponsor

  • Sydney Gunthorpe

Team Members

  • Kathy Duquette
  • Hadie Fotouhie
  • Merigen Naranjo
  • Peter Hurley
  • Myrna Marquez
  • Jennifer Davis
  • Angelika Schwamberger
  • Dawn Kenney
  • Paula Smith-Hawkins
  • Jason Manzanares
  • Mark Cornett