Study: CNM Economic Impact

Economic Contribution of Central New Mexico Community College

Analysis of Investment Effectiveness and Economic Growth

Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) generates a wide array of benefits. Students benefit from higher personal income, and society benefits from cost savings associated with reduced welfare and unemployment, improved health, and reduced crime. Education, however, requires a substantial investment on the part of students and taxpayers. All of the education stakeholders, therefore, want to know if they are getting their money's worth.
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Using FY 2010-2011 data for investment analysis and economic growth analysis, Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc. helped CNM investigate the attractiveness of its returns as a public training provider relative to alternative public investments. Along with a PowerPoint presentation highlighting the study's findings, the following documents include the report itself, an Overview/Fact Sheet, an Executive Summary, and five analyses from specific stakeholder perspectives.

Economic Impact Study

PowerPoint Presentation by Dawn Kenney

Executive Summary

CNM Economic Impact Overview Fact Sheet

The Main Report

The Business Perspective

The Social Perspective

The Social & Taxpayer Perspective

The Student Perspective

The Taxpayer Perspective