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Dual Credit Application Worksheet


Write down your CNM ID# when you are finished and keep the number in a safe place.
You may want to text / email your ID# to yourself.

Welcome Dual Credit Students! 

Please fill out all the information on this worksheet with a parent or guardian before you apply to the Dual Credit Program. Being prepared with this information will make the application and enrollment process much quicker and easier.

After you admit, go back to this page and use it as a checklist and you will successfully navigate all the enrollment steps.

To apply ...

Go to Click on “Register Now!” on the left side of the page under the “Get Started!” section. Fill out the free online application.  You will receive a student ID number at the end of the process or one will be sent to you.
Choose the Dual Credit Program and read the information on the following page and click on the link that says apply online. (It’s under step 2).

Fill in the information below and use this worksheet as you complete the online application.

  1. Write down the nine digit login ID # you will use to set up your account. (This can be whatever you want it to be) ___________________________________________________________________________
    *If you don’t finish the application right away you might also want to text yourself with your login so you don’t forget.
  2. Enter your birth date as your pin. (e.g. If you were born September 09, 1995 your pin would be, 090995.) What is your PIN? ___________________________________________________
  3. Choose Dual Credit from the drop down menu.  Note: As a high school student you are NOT a Beginning Freshman.   Write Dual Credit here: _________________________________
  4. Which term (fall, spring or summer) do you want to start taking classes? _________________
  5. What is your mailing address? __________________________________________________
    *This is usually the same address where you live, but it could be a PO box.
  6. What county do you live in? ____________________________________ _________________
    * If you live in Albuquerque the answer is Bernalillo, if you live in Rio Rancho it is Sandoval.
  7. What is your permanent address? ____________________________________________
    *This is the address where you are currently living. This is usually the same as your mailing address. It may be different if you are living with someone other than your parents right now, you may want to use their address as your permanent address.
  8. Are you a US Citizen?    Yes or No
  9. What is your social security number (SSN)? _________________________________________
    *If you don’t have a social security number, you’ll use the E-application to apply.
  10. Did either of your parents graduate from college? ____________________________________
    *This information is gathered to help us know who our students are. It doesn’t affect your admission status.
  11. What is your planned course of study?   ____________________________________________
    If you are unsure, write “Liberal Arts”. You can go back and change your course of study any time.
  12.  When asked for the name of your high school, you will click on the link at the right of the page that says “Look up high school code.”
  13. What is the last grade that you completed? _______________________________
    Example: If you are in the middle of your Junior year of high school the last grade you completed was 10th.
  14.  What is your STARS ID number? _____________________________________
    *This is usually your High School ID number. If you don’t know it you can ask your High School Counselor or leave it blank.
We ask the following questions because we want to make sure you live in New Mexico. Please fill out this section with your parent or guardian.
  • New Mexico is my home and I am not a resident of any other state.    Yes or No
  • Have your parents / guardians lived in New Mexico for the past 12 months?  Yes or No
  • Does your parent / guardian have a New Mexico driver’s license or New Mexico identification card?     Yes or No
  • Does your parent / guardian have a vehicle registered in New Mexico?   Yes or No
  • Is your parent / guardian employed in New Mexico?   Yes or No
  • Did your parent / guardian file a New Mexico tax return last year?   Yes or No


You can hit the Return to Checklist button at the bottom of the page to see which sections you’ve successfully completed.  You can also hit the button marked finish later if you want to finish the application later. 

Print the parent signature form and submit it to a CNM admissions office within five business days.