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Dual Credit Program Requirements

You are eligible for Dual Credit classes if you are a current sophomore, junior or senior from one of the high schools or charter schools participating in CNM's Dual Credit Program. Private school and home-schooled students are also eligible. Students who have successfully completed their freshman coursework can take Dual Credit classes the summer prior to their sophomore year.

Additional requirements include:

  • You must be enrolled at your home high school at least half time.
  • Home-schooled students must be 16 years of age.
  • You must show that you have met course prerequisites by submitting ACT or SAT scores at a CNM Admission Office or by taking CNM's Accuplacer Assessment to test for college-level course placement.
  • You can only take college-level courses, courses numbered 1000 or higher (except fitness courses).
  • If you register for developmental courses, 900 level or below, you will be dropped from the classes.
  • Will receive elective high school credit and CNM college credit when a course is completed.
    • You cannot audit CNM Dual Credit courses.


Be sure to talk with your high school counselor for more information, including getting high school approval to participate in Dual Credit.