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Master Plan Approvals FY-15

Final CNM Master Plan Recommendation - March 2014
  Project Title Description Estimated Total Budget Recurring Costs Anticipated Funding Source
1 Degree Works Academic Planning Implementation  Consulting services to implement Degree Works which will provide staff and students an academic tool to assist in providing effective academic planning and degree assessment. The program will assist in aligning course and program information and allow students to plan more effectively. This will also assist academic advisors and faculty in directing and advising students.  $                    309,101    Operational 
2 Parking Meter Installation Parking spaces with meters for visitors and vendors to come to CNM and park at convenient locations close to the buildings on Main, Montoya, and Westside campuses. Provides prospective students with ability to access campus buildings to prepare for enrollment.
 $                      60,164   Auxiliary
3 Access Control Phase 2 The Access Control / Student ID Card project is an ongoing, multi-year effort to implement technology to provide enhanced safety and security capabilities. Implementation of Access Control initiatives for Year 2 includes: door hardware maintenance; software maintenance; lockdown of six additional buildings (SSC, MS, KC, LSA, G & MJG); development and adoption of related construction standards for all future construction and renovation; replacement of existing Millennium and KABA card reader systems; implementation of testing and staging system; physical security of data systems to serve as a pilot for Access Control integration; battery backup indicator; and assessment of Banner and ID Card integration.  $                 1,568,447  $                  59,839  Plant Funds 
4 Replace Curriculum Management System Replacement of current product not performing as anticipated; enhance efficiencies of curriculum development, document management, reporting, communicating to stakeholders, as well as efficiency of registration and admission of students.  $                    155,072  $                  23,277 Renewal & Replacement 
5 AT TC Faculty and Staff Relocation Redesign TC 102 space to accommodate relocation of achievement coach & school advisor from TC 107. Additionally, six faculty presently in TC 102 and 9 faculty in the portables will be relocated to remodeled space in TC 107, TC 109 & TC 111.  $                    459,490    Renewal & Replacement 
6 WTC Technology Advancement Building instructional technology capacity and maximizing flexibility, mobility, and versatility through improved technology at WTC. WTC will gain the ability to compete and maintain pace with highly technical training environments in terms of marketability, knowledge, capacity, and instructional expectations.                                                                                                                                    $                 1,556,443  $                  46,400 Renewal & Replacement
7 Joint Use High School/N Building Demolition This project includes the development of a joint use facility to house classroom, labs, offices and other auxiliary spaces to support the CNM Career and College High School and other high school initiatives that will arise as the program develops. The new facility will be located at the CNM Main Campus to allow for closer relationships with the UNM Main Campus. Demolition of North Building to accommodate parking needs.  Project contingent upon partnership with Albuquerque Public Schools.  $               25,426,000    2016 Bond Funds / APS Bond Funds $12M 
8 Main Campus Food Court Remodel Remodel main campus kitchen, serving area, and student lounge space.  Additionally, remodel breezeway between MS and KC for more effective and appealing snack service for students.    $                    651,200   Auxiliary
9 2101 Oxford Renovation The renovation of 2101 Oxford with architectural upgrades to ensure space functionality.   $                    191,328    Renewal & Replacement 
10 CNM Building Information Model for all Campuses This project includes the development of campus plans to convert all building files  to  a building information  model to allow for the documentation of all campus emergency routes, inclusion into the Numera work order system, campus directories and information.  $                    620,000   Renewal & Replacement
11 Energy Service Provider and Controls Installation                         -Phase I with Energy Provider only Installation of sub metering and energy conservation measures including direct digital control systems.  $                 3,200,000    2014 Bond Funds 
12 Project Management System Suite Further improve project management processes through automation as well as improving the customer experience for the CNM community. The proposed solution is a common project management suite which provides: Common Scheduling Platform, Common Planning Platform, Document Management capabilities, Integrated Business Process Workflow, Banner data feeds for Budget Management, Procurement Management, Dashboard and Reporting capabilities.  $                    300,000    Operational 
13 ATC Phase II Tenant improvements to the shelled space within the Advanced Technology Center to accommodate Electronics / Manufacturing / Photonics, and Welding / Machine Tool.  $                 3,702,124    Plant Funds 
14 MS Building Refresh  - HVAC and Flooring Max Salazar building on Main campus is CNM's most widely used instructional building and in need of heating/cooling capacity corrections and flooring improvements.  $                 5,500,000   Renewal & Replacement
15 Rio Rancho Leased Facility (AMREP Bldg) Providing for furniture, equipment, IT infrastructure, and minor architectural modifications of new instructional space.  $                    686,000    Plant Funds/Operational 
    Total:  $   44,385,369  $      129,516