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Alarm and Locksmith Services

The Alarm and Lock Shops are critical parts of the Security Department's efforts to ensure personal safety and diminish the loss of property on CNM campuses.  The Alarm and Lock Shop are located in the PPD Building.  (901 Buena Vista Dr. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106)

Service requests should be submitted to the CNM Security Office or can be Emailed to the Alarm Shop or the Lock Shop using the links below.

Contact the Security Department at 224-3002 for after hours service requests.

Alarm Shop: The Alarm Shop is responsible for all alarm systems and equipment on CNM campuses.  Alarm Technicians install, service, and upgrade CNM alarms.  The Alarm Shop is also responsible for issuing codes to authorized individuals.  Alarm Technicians are responsible for the "panic" alarms located at various offices on campus and the Code Blue Emergency Phones located throughout CNM campuses.  Alarm Technicians contract outside vendors to service fire alarms and fire suppression systems.

Phone:        224-4593 or 224-4574


Lock Shop: The Lock Shop is responsible for all locks, door knobs, and handicap door systems on CNM campuses.  Locksmiths cut keys for issue to authorized individuals, repair and service faulty locks, and install new door lock hardware.  Currently, the Lock Shop contracts outside vendors to service handicap door systems and automated sliding doors.

Phone:    224-4575


Alarm Code and Key Requests: Security Department Forms