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STEM UP Program

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Undergraduate Pathways (STEM UP) is a CNM/UNM Cooperative grant awarded by the Department of Education.



CNM Main Campus, Student Services Center (SSC)
Room 102
(505) 224-3241

UNM STEM UP Transfer Center

UNM South Campus, Student and Support Services Center (SSSC)
(505) 277-0541

UNM STEM UP website

CNM STEM UP Academic Advisors

STEM UP Facebook

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The STEM UP program has resources to help make your transfer smooth. Visit our About Us page to learn more.

Find Your STEM Major

Visit the CNM and UNM STEM Majors page to find out if your major is a STEM major.

Get Advisement

If you want to transfer to UNM and your major is STEM, schedule a meeting with our CNM STEM UP Academic Advisors.

Learn About Transferring to UNM

How do I transfer a STEM major from CNM to UNM? The STEM UP program can provide you information about transferring to UNM, who to contact at CNM and UNM, and what kind of STEM careers are available.

UNM STEM UP is currently hiring undergraduate STEM CNM transfer students. They are looking for students who have leadership skills, the pay is good and the work is rewarding.

Find Out More

For information about events, tutoring, workshops, and mentors, contact our .

STEM UP understands the demands of completing a STEM major. The math sequence alone can often throw students for a loop. But, stay focused on your goals and hang in there. It is hard work, but it is possible to complete your STEM degree, even while working and raising a family. If that’s you, you are not alone! With advisors, peer mentors, tutors and achievement coaches at CNM you have a wealth of support to help you through your studies and into your career. We encourage you to use the resources available to you.


Upcoming Events

Hit The Ground Running May 12 and 13 SRC 203 9-3pm