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STEM UP Student Education Leaders (SELs)

SELs or peer mentors help students pursue STEM degrees.

What's a STEM SEL?

SELs Professional DevelopmentSTEM UP Student Education Leaders or STEM SELs are role models for CNM and UNM STEM students. Our CNM and UNM STEM SELs are pursuing many different types of STEM degrees from Biology and Environmental Science to Nuclear and Chemical Engineering. Their academic and social experiences are diverse which allows them to be a wealth of information on topics such as how to transfer from CNM to UNM, what instructors to take and who to speak with about your particular degree program. STEM SELs help students find resources to navigate their STEM degrees.

In addition to mentoring other students, SELs host weekly study groups with their classmates and other students taking a particular course. They are also active members in the CNM and/or UNM student communities. CNM SELs, for example, participate in hosting weekly CNM student Math League, Physics League, Biology League and Chemistry Society.

Student Testimonials regarding "How have STEM SELs been helpful to you?":

  • "He knows where to get information that is important to my major."
  • "She is a very knowledgeable student, with a great attitude too. Extremely helpful, sometimes consulting other resources and gathering information about my case. I'm really happy to work with her and glad to have someone that I can talk to about my situation, lived it before and cares for me."
  • "She helped me learn to solve problems and understand concepts better than just studying on my own."

Upcoming SEL events: 

Spring 2015 Study Group Schedule 

For more information on how to get mentored by a STEM SEL, contact Doni Hardy,