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CNM and UNM Resources


Here is a partial A-Z list of campus resources at CNM and UNM:

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For a complete list of CNM Resources or and Multiple Academic Pathways for Students (M.A.P.S.) for UNM resources.


Academic Calendar Academic Calendar
Accessibility Accessibility
Apply Apply
Campus Map Campus Map
Consortium Agreement Consortium Agreement

*The Consortium Agreement allows a student to register and receive financial aid at the "Home" institution as well as another institution ("Host" institution). Credit hours at the "Host" institution must fill degree requirements at the "Home" institution in order for the student to be eligible for the consortium agreement.

IMPORTANT - Remember that you are not allowed to receive financial aid from two institutions during the same term. Receiving financial aid at two institutions during the same term will result in an overpayment which must be repaid by the student before receiving additional Title IV aid.

Course Catalog Course Catalog
Department Directory Department Directory
Jobs Jobs
News News
Scholarships Scholarships
STEM Scholarships
Staff Directory Staff Directory
Student Activities Student Activities
Student Life Student Life
Student Services Student Services
Transcript Request Transcript Request
Tutoring Tutoring
* STEM Tutoring at CNM * Engineering Tutoring at UNM
* Math Tutoring at UNM
Veteran Resources Veteran Resources