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STEM Careers

STEM Career Facts

Did you know that according to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics, in the next five years, STEM jobs are projected to grow twice as quickly as jobs in other fields?  While all jobs are expected to grow by 10.4%, STEM jobs are expected to increase by 21.4%.

The US Department of Labor claims that out of the 20 fastest growing occupations projected in 2014, 15 of them require significant mathematics or science preparation. The U.S. will have over one million job openings in STEM-related fields by 2018; yet, according to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics, only 16% of U.S. bachelor’s degrees will specialize in STEM. The industry needs more STEM graduates!

Challenge Yourself

A STEM degree is not only a possibility, but can become a reality. Don’t let the thought of math and science courses deter you away from a career in the STEM fields. The STEM UP advisors, peer mentors and tutors are here to help you succeed. Careers in STEM are in high demand and are vital to our US economy. Check out the YouTube video of US Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu, discussing the value of a strong science and math education for shaping our world.

It's Not Rocket Science, Yet

Launch a successful career in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math today! Be part of the STEM UP Undergraduate Pathway program. It's a grant-based program that helps students interested in STEM fields graduate with an associate’s degree from CNM and transition to UNM to complete a bachelor’s degree.

See Dollar $ign$

STEM related occupations on average pay $8.00 to 18.00 MORE per hour than all other jobs across the country.  STEM jobs are here in New Mexico. Los Alamos County, New Mexico has the most STEM workers per capita in the United States. For more information regarding employers that hire STEM majors, go to and click on job market and references.

Think Outside the Lab

A STEM degree doesn't have to mean research. There are many other exciting career options to choose from. Design jet planes, create roller coasters, develop computer software and video games, work for government agencies and much more. Find out what you can do with a STEM degree visit the Career Resource Center at CNM, SSC 205 or click on

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