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Transfer Checklist

Follow these steps to make your transfer from CNM to UNM as smooth as possible. Do not procrastinate. Your transfer will go much smoother if you start early.

Step 1: Meet With Your CNM STEM Advisor

Schedule an appointment to talk with your advisor and plan your semester. Please call the STEM UP office at (505) 224-3241 or contact them directly:

Step 2: Meet With Your UNM STEM Advisor

The department advisor is the most important person for you to meet at UNM before you transfer. Contact your advisor at UNM during the first year at CNM to begin the process.

Step 3: Take a Campus Tour

Find out about upcoming campus tours to UNM by contacting the, (505) 224-3241 or the UNM STEM UP office (505) 277-1723.

Step 4: Attend Class

Complete all General Education Core courses and other required courses with a grade of "C" or better. UNM requires a cumulative 2.0 grade point average (GPA) of combined college level work (UNM calculates ALL attempts of transferable courses.)

Complete Core Curriculum Requirements

  • Writing & Speaking: 9 credit hours
  • Math: 3 credit hours (College Algebra or higher)
  • Foreign Language: 3 credit hours
  • Major Coursework: 3-9 credit hours

Step 5: Apply for UNM Admission

  • Fill out and submit application.
  • Pay close attention to UNM Admissions deadlines
    • May 1st – summer
    • June 15th – fall
    • November 15th – spring

    Step 6: Request Official Transcripts

    Before transferring to UNM, request your transcripts from CNM and all prior colleges or universities.

    Advanced Placement (AP) and College Level Examination Program (CLEP) scores may be used to fulfill certain course requirements. Talk to your STEM advisor if you have AP or CLEP credit. Have your official score results sent to CNM and UNM and check with your advisor about additional credit that may fulfill course requirements. Learn more about transfer credit for CNM and UNM.

    Step 7: Use Financial Aid

    Explore your options to pay for college. You have many affordable options to attend college. Continuing your college education at UNM costs money and early planning is key to making the most of the financial aid that you receive. Achievement Coaches at CNM Connect can help you develop a plan to reach your financial, academic and career goals. It is highly recommended that you use their services.

    You can set up payment plans through your myCNM or MyUNM.

    Check for Eligible Consortium Agreement

    UNM and CNM have a consortium agreement whereby enrollment in both schools may be combined for purposes of financial aid at one of the schools. For more detailed information and required forms see the Financial Aid Office at your home school.

    Step 8: Once Admitted to UNM

    Whether you are still taking courses at CNM while transferring to UNM or you have graduated from CNM and are fully transferring to UNM, you are that much closer to completing your degree. Below are some steps you will want to take as a brand new Lobo!

    Create a NetID

    Your NetID is both the ID you use to login to just about everything at UNM and your UNM email address. When you create it, create an ID that you will be happy with for the duration of your time at UNM.

    Get your Lobo ID Card

    The LoboCard office is located on the Plaza level of the Student Union Building (SUB).

    Run a Lobo Trax Degree Audit

    As a transfer student, your degree audit is the key to ensuring that transferrable credits and coursework transferred over the way you and/or your advisor thought they would.

    Attend a TNT Orientation

    The Transfer and Non-Traditional (TNT) student orientation is mandatory for registering for classes at UNM. Be sure to sign up for one of them and meet with your STEM Advisor prior to attending a TNT session.

    Meet With Your STEM Advisor

    Your department advisor knows exactly what you must complete to earn your degree and can “map-out” your academic schedule for the coming semesters. Schedule an appointment with your STEM department advisor at UNM.

    Take Care of Your Finances

    Fill out a FAFSA form. Associates at the One Stop in Mesa Vista Hall are available to help you in person if you require help filling out the form. The Communications Center can also assist you by phone or email and their contact information can be found here. Also for your convenience, you can access UNM’s online financial aid chat room.

    Every semester has a deadline to pay for classes before they are dropped. This and other information about payment options can be found at the Bursar's Office. Be sure to pay your bill or set up a payment plan before the deadline or your classes may be dropped!

    Clear All Holds Prior to Registration

    Holds can be cleared by advisors in your department or through University College. Keep in mind that other actions may need to be taken before an advisor can clear the hold, such as paying your Bursar bill.

    Register for Classes

    You can register for classes through your MyUNM account, under the Student Life tab. Click on Lobo Web, then on Registration and Records. Under Registration, click on Registration (Add/Drop Classes). Click the Accept Financial Responsibility button then the Submit button. Select the term for which you would like to make changes to your schedule. Click on class search to search for the desired class and follow the prompts to register for the class.

    Find Your Classes

    Use the Campus Map to find all of your courses before the first day of school. The buildings on campus are numbered and the alphabetical list of all campus buildings will tell you the number of the building in which your classes are located.

    Complete Enrollment Verification (if Needed)

    If your insurance or employer needs proof of your enrollment, you can complete an Enrollment Verification through National Clearinghouse.