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Transfer Assistance

New Mexico Universities Transfer Recruiters:

Grand Canyon University

IAIA Institute of American Indian Arts

Lewis University

New Mexico Highlands University

NM State

NM Tech

Northern NM College

UNM Albuquerque

  • UNM Student Support Services Center
  • Joshua Stewart, Recruitment,

Wayland Baptist University

Western NM University

UNM Transfer Information

UNM does not have a guaranteed Admissions program. Transfer students are required 24 transferable credit hours with 2.0 GPA or better. If fewer than 24 transferable hours, UNM requests official High School transcript with graduation date and official ACT or SAT scores.

Things you need to do to attend The University of New Mexico:

  • Attend a UNM Transfer Orientation,  (505) 277-3361,
  • Create a Net ID for myUNM- need for registration after you are admitted, create at
  • Read UNM catalog - major information.
  • Take placement exams or turn in official transcripts or official ACT or SAT scores.
  • Look at your eProgress Report, obtainable once you have set up myUNM account – shows credit hours you have in your major
  • Click here (PDF) to view the UNM Advisement Center contact info for New Transfer Students (attached UNM New Transfer student doc.)

For questions about transferring to UNM, contact UNM transfer recruiter, (505) 277-8573, UNM Admissions located at UNM Student Services and Support Center (corner of University and Cesar Chavez)

UNM Transfer advising - use the course catalog and view UNM Transfer Evaluation System (TES), to view the CNM to UNM Articulation Agreement to see what classes transfer and what classes do not transfer.

Transfer Advising website

UNM Career Services