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Assistance Centers for Education Tutoring Services

Contact Us at (505) 224-4306 for more information.

Drop-in Tutoring Learning Centers

  • Main Campus
    (505) 224-4306
  • Montoya Campus
    (505) 224-5990
    J-103 and 107
  • Westside Campus
    (505) 224-5311
  • South Valley
    (505) 224-5067
  • Rio Rancho
    (505) 224-4952
  • Advanced Technology Center
    (505) 224-5152

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 What to Expect from a Tutoring Session

Tutors Will: 

  • Give you positive feedback.
  • Listen closely as you describe the problem.
  • Help you identify and correct recurring errors.
  • Help you understand the ideas presented in your textbook.
  • Demonstrate similar processes and refer you to other sources.
  • Ask questions that will help you in the problem solving process.
  • Guide you through all steps of a process for solving the problem.
  • Provide you with guidance in understanding and solving the problem.


Tutors Will Not:

  • Check all homework problems.
  • Help with handwritten math problems.
  • Help with take-home exams or quizzes.
  • Help at a time when the student is scheduled to be in class.
  • Teach an entire chapter or lesson that is covered by the instructor.
  • Proofread or review papers or assignments the instructor has determined is the student’s responsibility.

Other Tutoring Options

  • Study Groups
    Peer-Assisted Study Sessions offered for selected CNM courses as well as Tutor-led conversation groups for ESL.
  • Appointments
    Many tutors are available by appointment. Click here to make one.
  • Literacy Volunteers
    Individual appointments and study groups with Literacy Volunteers.Read More.


Please contact Randy Crandall at or 224-4308 if you have questions about an account.


  • Try brainfuse online tutoring!

    ACE provides free online tutoring for current CNM students. Login to myCNM and go to the Students tab.