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Academic Support for Career-Technical Education

===Tutoring for Applied Technical Math, Accounting & IT 1010===

Applied Technologies (AT)--

Applied Math Tutors
can help with:

  • Math for Electrical, Welding, Carpentry, Metals, Automotive Electrical, Construction Surveying
  • Statics
  • Dosage Calculations, Pharmacy Calculations, Applied Math for Veterinary Technicians,
  • Computer Programming: Java Script, HTML, SQL
  • Applied Culinary Math

=Streaming video! =

1.  Pythagorean Theorem: Right Triangle

2.  A Simple Approach to Recalling and Using the Sine – Cosine – Tangent Functions

3. Circuit Analysis, Part I : Series Circuit

4. Circuit Analysis, Part 2: Parallel Circuit

5. Circuit Analysis, Part 3: Combination Circuit

Applied Math Tutors

Paul Springer & Julie Wentworth

= Locations =   
ATC Learning Commons, Room 126

and the TC Commons



Business & Information Technology (BIT)--

IT 1010 Tutors

Tony Adams, Main BRC

Yan Qiu, Montoya BRC

Jeannine Nelson, Westside Lab MJG-109

=  Drop-In Tutoring Availability = IT 1010
See flyer link above for campus information

= Location =  
Business Resource Center,
Main: SB-212 and JMMC: K-107
Contact us 224-3872

= By-Appointment Tutor Support = IT 1010

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

10 AM - 6 PM
Call for an appointment at Main Campus:
SRC-OCL, 224-4314
or SB-BRC, 224-3840

Culinary Arts Tutor
Denise Terrazas in SB Commons


Accounting Tutors

Mary Collins - Main, BRC & SRC

Yasmin Nagji - Main BRC

Jan Iwaszek - Montoya BRC

=  Drop-In Tutoring Availability = Accounting
See flyer link above for campus information

= Locations =  
Business Resource Center,
Main: SB-212 and JMMC: K-105
Contact us or Leave a message at 224-3872

Contact us: Pager at 229-0598
or Leave a message at: 224-3989

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