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AQIP Steering Team (Archive)

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Team Members




Bercaw, Kathy Vice President for Planning, Budget & Inst Research
Bousliman, Samantha CCO & Executive Assistant to the President
Bustos, Phillip Vice President for Student Services
Corrigan, Marya Faculty, Adult & General Education
Damiani, Glenn Senior Research Analyst, Planning, Budget & Inst Research
Fisher, Paula Business Liaison, Office of External Affairs
Flies, Katelijne Faculty, Math, Science & Engineering
Herrera-Jennings, Dana Faculty, Adult & General Education
Martinez, Mary Faculty, Math, Science & Engineering
Padilla, Eugene Associate Vice President for Student Services
Pitonzo, Beth Vice President for Academic Affairs
Ross, Carol Nursing Assistant/Home Health Attendant Program Director
Woodley, Xeturah Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Ziter, Juliane Employee Relations Manager, Human Resources


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