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Projects - Student Academic Achievement Committee (Archive)

Development of Core Competencies

 The Core Competencies are a set of skills that every graduate should be able to demonstrate upon completion of an associate degree program at CNM.  These skills reflect the college's values through their incorporation in every classroom at some level.  These competencies help ensure that our graduates will be informed and committed citizens, valued employees, and fully prepared transfer students.


During the 2002-2003 calendar years, SAAC worked on developing and defining the Core Competencies.  During the 2004-2005 calendar years SAAC created rubrics to measure these competencies.  Finally, in 2006, programs are measuring Communication and Teamwork and preparing to report results on these two Core Competencies in addition to their program’s Exit Competencies with the new SAAC Standardized Report Form.  Currently, SAAC is working on creating a rubric for the Life Skills Competency and considering adding a sixth competency involving math skills.  



  1. COMMUNICATION: Students will read, write, listen, and use verbal skills to organize and communicate ideas and information in personal group settings.      COMMUNICATION RUBRIC
  2. CRITICAL THINKING:  Students will demonstrate the ability to engage in the process of defining tasks and evaluating problems through the examination of information, application of computation skills, and reflection on ideas for the purpose of reaching decisions.    CRITICAL THINKING RUBRIC
  3. INTERPERSONAL SKILLS/TEAMWORK:  Students will work and interact with others at a personal, professional, and global level demonstrating respect for individual and cultural differences while practicing civility, honesty, and personal responsibility.  TEAMWORK RUBRIC
  4. TECHNOLOGY:  Students will understand the limits, problems and possibilities associated with the use of technology and will have the tools necessary to evaluate and learn new technologies as they become available.  This includes the ability to use computer-based technology to communicate, solve problems, and acquire information.  TECHNOLOGY RUBRIC
  5. LIFE SKILLS:  Student’s personal behavior will demonstrate the ability to make reasoned judgments, to be responsible for commitments, and to understand the viewpoints of others.  This includes professionalism, work ethic, and citizenship.  (rubric being developed)

EXIT COMPETENCIES:   All career and technical programs have identified Exit Competencies that graduates will possess upon completion of their program of study.  These competencies are consistent with employer expectations in the workplace.  The Exit Competencies for each program are located at:

SAAC STANDARDIZED REPORT FORM :  This electronic form is used to report Exit and Core Competency results for each program.  The User's Guide to form details how SAAC Standardized Report Form to complete histograms in the report. 

SAAC Standardized Report Form

User's Guide to SAAC Standardized Report Form


Past Annual Reports

In Summer 2003, broad faculty input on the competency definitions was sought through the Core Competency Faculty Survey. 

Core Competency Faculty Survey Results