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Academic Quality Improvement Program (Archive)

Action Projects identified in 2002 as part of CNM's (formerly TVI's) Reaffirmation of Accreditation process are listed below.

Each Action Project Team addressed a key project that had the potential to significantly enhance student learning and organization effectiveness.

  1. Enrollment Management — Create an "Enrollment Management System" to identify, establish, and maintain an optimum number of students at TVI;
  2. Hiring, Recruitment, Retention, and Diversity (HRRD) — Improve faculty/staff recruitment and hiring processes with an emphasis on increasing the diversity of the faculty and staff;
  3. Professional Development System — Develop an institute-wide professional development system;
  4. Student Learning Competencies (Student Academic Assessment Committee, SAAC) — Establish measurable core competencies for all TVI associate degree graduates.

As projects are institutionalized, the processes the College employs and the performance results it achieves are incorporated into the Systems Portfolio .