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Enrollment Management Team (Archive)

The purpose of the Enrollment Management Team is to create an "enrollment management organization" to identify, establish, and maintain an optimum number of students at CNM.

College wide

Meeting Minutes

Team Charge
As a result of the opportunities identified by the AQIP Steering Team and reinforced by the AQIP Strategy Forum (February 2002), the AQIP Strategy Forum Team recommends that the Student and Stakeholder Focus project team identify a cross functional team to:

  • Create an “enrollment management organization” to identify, establish and maintain an optimum number of students at CNM by:
  • Creating an institutional environment that promotes student recruitment and supports student retention.
  • Creating an institutional environment that promotes minority student recruitment and supports minority retention.
  • Creating an enrollment management planning process that involves key components of the college including instruction, student services, physical plant and multi-campus.
  • Developing an enrollment projection mode to be used for enrollment planning decisions.


Year #1: (September 2002-03)

  • Using PDSA process, assess current recruitment, enrollment and retention systems. Analyze student recruitment, enrollment and retention trends.
  • Using PDSA process assess current program/course expansion processes.
  • Using PDSA assess current facilities expansion processes.
  • Begin development of a comprehensive enrollment management plan.

Year #2: (September 2003-04)

  • Finish development of enrollment management plan proposal, incorporating Banner enrollment management and recruitment modules.
  • Present plan to Leadership Process Team for approval. If expansion funds are required, present plan to Executive Team for final decision on implementation.
  • Upon approval of plan, begin implementation (may be phased in over time).

Year #3: (September 2004-05)

  • Continue implementation of plan.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the Enrollment Management System.
  • Revise and standardize the Enrollment Management System.

  Project Team's Role

At the completion of the first year, the team will have completed the initial research into the current state and it will have begun development of the enrollment management plan.

During the second year, the team will finalize the enrollment management plan proposal, present it to the Leadership Team and/or Executive Team for approval and being implementation of the plan.

During the third year, the team will finish the implementation phase and begin the evaluation of the effectiveness of the enrollment management plan.

Membership: The 10 member cross functional team will consist of 1 facilitator, 1 team leader and representatives from Instruction, Student Services and Facilities.

Other: The team is asked to document it’s work process using the PDSA process and to evaluate the use of this process upon completion of its work.

Team Members
Jane Campbell, Student Services
Lois Carlson, Instructional Support Systems
Marya Corrigan, Instruction
Glenn Damiani, Student Services
Mildred Lovato, Student Services
Nahid Movajhar, Student Services
Eugene Padilla, Student Services
Tricia Miller, Instruction