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Team Excellence Awards (Archive)

Congratulations!! Your team has been nominated for a CNM Team Excellence Award. This year CNM would like to highlight team accomplishments by having your team develop a “display board” which will be displayed at CNM’s excellence awards celebration on Friday, March 13th.     

We are asking all nominated teams to create a display board. The display board will be due February 27, 2009. The display boards will tell your story and be used to determine which teams will be receiving team excellence awards. The following instructions will assist you in creating your display board.


Pick up a display board (3 fold, 4’ x 3’) by February 20 from Elsie Hall in JS-401D or call (505) 224-3323.

The boards will tell your story. Follow the guidelines below and be creative!!

The display board should include:

1. Team charge or purpose of the team


a) Design, implement and evaluate a purchasing process at CNM.

b) Improve customer service at the front desk in ABC department.


2. How did your improvement project support CNM’s Strategic Directions?

-Link to CNM Strategic Directions:

-Display which strategic direction your team most closely aligns. It may be more than one!!


3. Describe the problem or issue your team addressed.

- This is usually different than the purpose of the team. The following examples link to the 4 examples in #1.

a) Many purchases at CNM are small but require the same amount of paperwork for large purchases. An improved purchasing process will allow departments to handle small purchases without delays or paperwork that can accompany larger transactions.

b) A recent customer service survey showed that customers in the ABC Department felt that their needs were not being met in a timely manner. A process designed to improve customer service is needed.


4. How did you do your work?

a) Did you use quality tools (flow chart, affinity diagram, multi-voting, brainstorming, force field analysis, etc)?  List or display what you used.

b) Did you do research?  What did you do and what did you find out?

c) Did you attend conferences or participate in other professional development activities?  What did you do and what did you learn which aided in the teams accomplishments?

d) What else did your team do that made you successful?


5. What did your team accomplish? What were the results? What are the next steps?


a) This is the time to show everyone what you accomplished through your team process.  Don’t be shy!!


6. Be Creative!! Use your imagination, but clearly display the five questions above. 


IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE, CALL Paula Fisher (ex. 3324), LouAnne Lundgren (ex. 3978), or Eugene Padilla (ex. 4720).

Reminder:  The display board is due on February 27, 2009.