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CNM Strategic Planning Team (Archive)

Strategic Planning addresses all aspects of college level planning and the deployment of plans. This includes primarily the development and deployment of key educational and other mission related requirements, taking into account key student and stakeholders needs.

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Charge:     The Strategic Planning Team, working with the Executive Team and the Planning Committee of the Governing Board, will develop a strategic planning process for the College. The planning process will include but not be limited to a mission, vision and values statement, long- and short-term planning processes at the College level, action plans for the divisions and departments and a direct linkage to the institution’s operating budget process.

Alignment to state-wide goals, federal regulations, etc. must also be considered when developing this process. A timeline is required and should be consistent with normal operating procedures of the college. The Strategic Planning Team will provide guidance to the other process improvement teams regarding alignment to the strategic plan and will assure that the performance measures are consistently reviewed to assure alignment with the goals of the college.

 The team will also facilitate the deployment of each of the stages of the planning process by developing tools, providing training and reviewing documents throughout the process. This deployment must meet the Academic Quality Improvement Process (AQIP) criteria.

Members on this team are specifically selected by the Executive Team from individuals volunteering to serve.  They are asked to serve a 3 or 5 year term (except for an annual rotation of the student).