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Faculty Senate Members

Faculty Senate Officers

Judith Tomasson, Chair

Christine Burns, Vice Chair

David Valdes, Secretary

Phelan Gavaldon, Treasurer


Faculty Senate Voting Membership

Applied Technologies (AT)

Phelan Gavaldon, FT Senator

Eric Barros, FT Senator


Business and Information Technology (BIT)

Jim Batzer, FT Senator

Chris Burns, FT Senator

Elizabeth Baros, PT Senator


Communication, Humanities, and Social Sciences (CHSS)

Maxine Freed, FT Senator

Debarashmi Mitra, FT Senator


Andy Russell, FT Senator

Nariman Arfai, PT Senator


Sue Taylor, PT Senator



Health, Wellness and Public Safety (HWPS)

Shanna Davis, FT Senator

Kathy Kaestner, FT Senator

Amy Rademacher-Neel, FT Senator


Math, Sciences, and Engineering (MSE)

Mark Danley, FT Senator

Aaron Wilson, FT Senator

Melissa Franklin, PT Senator 



School of Adult and General Education (SAGE)

Everetta Mora, FT Senator


Myra Reed, PT Senator


Therese Bacar-Radler, PT Senator


Judith Tomasson, FT Senator

David Valdes, FT Senator


Faculty Senate Non-Voting Membership

Academic Advisement



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