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Individual Excellence Award

The Excellence Awards recognize individual excellence at CNM.

Each year CNM solicits nominations for Individual Excellence Awards.

Individual Excellence 2016

CNM serves a vital role in its community with the energy, vision and attitude of an invaluable resource — its employees. The College is pleased to recognize each year outstanding contributions to the institution's mission and processes.

The employee excellence award recognizes employees for exceptional contributions to the CNM community. Although we have numerous outstanding staff and faculty, this award honors employees who have demonstrated excellence on the job. Nominations are accepted by fellow employees or supervisors.

The Award

  • Award recipients will be honored at a luncheon hosted by the president.
  • Each winner will receive a token of appreciation.
  • Award recipients will be introduced and recognized by the CNM Governing Board, as well as honorable mention in the CNM Express.


    Any CNM employee in "good standing" with the College may be a recipient.

    Nomination Deadline

    The deadline for nominations is October 28, 2016.

    If you need assistance or have questions, contact:

    Rebecca Ratchford
    (505) 224-4617

    Dr. Rudy Garcia
    (505) 224-3000, ext. 51504


    Nominations are reviewed by a committee according to the description, actions, examples, and results described in the reasons for nominations. Nominations are also reviewed by HR to make sure that the nominee is in good standing.

    Nomination Submission Guidelines

    Choose one of the categories and complete the online nomination form to describe why the nominee deserves to win the Excellence Award. All categories must support CNM's Strategic Direction.First, review the category and instructions to describe why the nominee deserves to win the Excellence Award. Then, choose a category and complete the nomination form.

    Submit a Nomination

    Category 1: Innovative Idea

    Successfully implemented an innovative idea where outstanding results were identifiable.
    * Describe the idea, the action taken to achieve it and the results.

    Category 2: Performed an Outstanding Act

    Performed an outstanding act that brought recognition to CNM from the public.
    * Describe the act, the action taken to achieve it and the results.

    Category 3: Provided Exceptional and/or Outstanding Support to a CNM Department, Program, or Individual

    * Cite examples and/or how this went beyond regular job duties.