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Local Bond Election

Since 1965 CNM has been changing lives and building community for the citizens of central New Mexico. Our campuses throughout the CNM district have served as first and second chances for all who need us and our graduates help fuel the local economy.

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Election Day

February 2

7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

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Contact with any questions.

CNM Local Bond Election

During its 50-year history, CNM has improved the lives of countless thousands of students of all ages and backgrounds who have walked through our doors. In turn, that has made our community a better place to live. A better educated and more skilled population not only improves the quality of life for the students and their families, but for the entire community. Supporting this bond issue is a wise investment for everybody who values the power of education and its positive impacts on our community and our economy.

Bernalillo County Clerk

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Since the capital mill levy was introduced in 1996, CNM has not asked for a tax increase. But now, CNM is asking to increase its tax rate to allow for critically important renovations and improvements to the College's learning environments. This increased bonding capacity will raise the College's capital mill levy from .55 to 1.0 mil. The impact of the increase would be approximately $29.10 per year on a house with a market value of $200,000 (the approximate average home price in the region).

Polling Sites Added

Early voting sites have been added on the West Side and in Rio Rancho. An election day polling site has been added in Rio Rancho.


Main Campus - Renovation of Largest Classroom Building

Constructed in 1991, Max Salazar Hall (MS) is CNM's largest and most utilized buildings. The passage of the bond would include facility upgrades including state-of-the art classrooms to meet the changing needs of the 21st Century learning environment. The 93,000 sq. ft. building houses 56 classrooms and hosted more than 12,000 students in Fall 2015.

Educational Technology Laboratory

CNM would renovate space to serve faculty and provide access to the latest technology, allowing faculty members to explore cutting-edge technology and respond and adapt to the needs of the 21st Century student.

Brewing and Catering Academies

CNM would renovate existing space to create classrooms and a laboratory to showcase CNM's award-winning culinary programs and accommodate a Beer and Wine Academy, Brewing Technology, Catering Operations Hub and Food Truck Commissary Hub.

Rio Rancho, Westside and South Valley Site and Safety Improvements

Installation of safety and wayfinding signage and infrastructure at Rio Rancho, Westside and South Valley campuses to enhance and create a safer environment for students and staff.

Montoya Campus - Creation of Learning Commons

CNM would renovate the J building on Montoya Campus in the Northeast Heights creating a student learning commons which would provide optimal space for studying and encourage student interaction which will support retaining students through graduation.

Joint-Use Educational Facility

Development of joint-use high school to support CNM's College and Career High School, the Native American Community Academy and provide real-world learning opportunities for CNM's teacher education programs.

Welding Lab Expansion

CNM would renovate the TC building on Main Campus to expand the welding lab for students.

General Obligation Bond Question

Shall the Governing Board of the Central New Mexico Community College District Albuquerque, New Mexico, be authorized to issue up to $84,000,000 of general obligation bonds for the purpose of erecting, furnishing, constructing, purchasing, remodeling and equipping buildings and utility facilities and making other real property improvements, and purchasing and installing computer hardware and software, or any combination of these purposes?"