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Montoya Classroom, Office Management

Montoya Campus
Campus Classroom Management
G- and I- Building Faculty Offices
Updated 10/28/11

Montoya Campus Administration will continue to facilitate the use of faculty offices by all faculty members, both full-time and part-time, who represent all schools.  All of these procedures were developed by faculty and staff, are coordinated by the administrative support staff, and supported by the Montoya Campus Student Success Team Leader.

Office Coverage for the front desk is provided from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  Every effort is made to provide coverage during the busiest times; however, there may be times when coverage is not possible.  During such times, the office doors will be locked.  Students will be encouraged to use the courtesy phone outside the office door to contact faculty members.  A drop box is also available for homework/assignments.

Primary Phone Numbers:       
G-201              224-5516
I-211               224-5881

Office cubicle assignments - guidelines :

    • Faculty scheduled to teach at Montoya Campus will be contacted via email before the end of the previous term.  This email will include a link to a web form where faculty can request office hours.
    • Office assignments are based on office hours submitted on the web form.
    • To ensure all faculty are provided with an office assignment, one office hour per Montoya on-campus class will be assigned initially.  Additional Montoya Campus office hours that are requested will be considered following the beginning of the short-term (12 week or 8 week) classes.
    • If faculty need additional prep time, the “Gorman Lounge” area in G-201 is available on a drop-in basis.
    • Special accommodations will be made for ADA issues.
    • Faculty office space at Montoya Campus is very limited.  As of Fall, 2011 there are no provisions for a FT faculty in a solitary cubicle due to limited cubicle spaces.
    • If a faculty member is full time, he/she may be provided an individual or solitary cubicle, only if he/she does not have a solitary cubicle at any other CNM campus. 
    • If a full time faculty member has a solitary cubicle at another CNM campus, he/she will share a cubicle with other faculty at Montoya Campus.
    • If a full time faculty member has a solitary cubicle and his/her teaching schedule changes (for example, his/her classes are primarily at a different campus), that faculty member must vacate the cubicle at Montoya if he/she has a newly-assigned individual cubicle at another CNM campus.
    • All part-time faculty members must share a cubicle with other faculty members, depending on the specific scheduling needs and cubicle availability.
    • Office hours and cubicle assignments are provided for every faculty member who is teaching at Montoya Campus.
    • All faculty members will be listed on the
      • drop box
      • outside phone sheet
      • “office hours” document

In keeping with the spirit of campus cooperation, collegiality, and consideration for other faculty, staff, and students, please consider the following guidelines (in alphabetical order).

Break Room

  • All microwaves, countertops, and utensils/dishes should be cleaned after each use.
  • Avoid meeting with visitors in the break room; conference rooms are available.
  • Coffee and other food amenities are available in the break room area.  Anyone using these amenities is expected to either contribute to the cost each month, or to bring coffee supplies, paper products, or food items to share. 
  • Remove food items from refrigerator and freezer periodically, and prior to the end of each term.  All food items left in refrigerator or freezer at the end of each term will be discarded.

Classroom Management

  • Boards must be erased after class to prepare the room for the next class.
  • Classroom furniture may be re-arranged to suit pedagogical needs, and must be returned to the lecture style to prepare the room for the next class.
  • Borrowed markers or chalk should be returned to the appropriate classroom.
  • Remind students to pick up after themselves at the end of class. 
  • Campus Administration staff (Shiva Hardee at ) should be notified of any facilities issues regarding furniture arrangement or repair, classroom temperature, or any other classroom facilities issues.
  • Locked or swipe card lock classrooms must be re-secured by the instructor when class is completed.  Students waiting for the next class must not be allowed in to the room until that instructor arrives.
  • Every instructor should have their swipe card coded or have been issued a room key to their assigned classrooms, unless the classroom is normally kept unlocked.  (See Keys issue listed below for procedure.)

Conference Rooms

  • Conference rooms are the preferred meeting location for faculty meeting with students, and are a convenient location to meet with any other visitors as well.
  • Remember to fill out the time sheets provided in each conference room so that usage can be documented.
  • Particular conference rooms can be reserved in advance with the office staff.

Copies and Printer

  • Use Duplicating and Postal Center (DPC) for copy jobs over 50 copies, since some jobs are too large for the copy machines.  Send to Donna Blea in DPC at .  Include your cost account and any instructions in the email (back-to-back, stapled, etc.).
  • Please do not hesitate to ask for staff assistance clearing paper jams.
  • Post a note on the machine stating - Do Not Use:  Jammed – in order to alert others of the problem when paper is jammed and you cannot solve problem.
  • Everyone’s copies are important; do not interrupt or cancel other people’s copy jobs on the machine.
  • Printer should not be used as a copy machine; print once and use the copier (or send to DPC via email).

Cubicle Considerations

All Cubicles

  • Items should not be placed in aisles between cubicles; these can be a safety hazard.
  • It is recommended that strong scents and perfumes be avoided.
  • Food should be eaten in the faculty lounge, not in the cubicles.
  • Noise and conversation should be minimal as others are working; conference rooms are available.
  • Check mailbox on a regular basis.

Shared Cubicles

  • Since others may not share the same values or political views, please consider this before posting any materials on the cubicle walls.
  • Materials should not be left on the cubicle desk; other faculty will be using the cubicle and they also need room to work.
  • Log off the computer when leaving the cubicle.
  • Remove personal belongings; e.g. your flash drive or food.
  • Items belonging to others should be respected; e.g. tissue box.
  • Be considerate of shared cubicle space, and minimize storage/cabinet spaces.
  • Cubicles should be utilized for scheduled time.  If more time is needed, please request this through the appropriate office staff (Amanda Vital at ) and/or through the web form for faculty office hours.
  • Be considerate of others that have scheduled time; move to the open computers in the “Gorman Lounge,” located in the G building faculty office.


  • Evacuation of buildings should occur as soon as the fire alarm is audible.  In rare instances, you may be asked to evacuate the building by an administrator. 
  • Encourage students to remain calm, quickly gather your grade book, and calmly evacuate the building, keeping your students together
  • Report to the assembly point for that building (located in the parking lot) and await further instructions. 
  • The building administrator and Security will tally the count to determine if there is anyone left inside the building, and will let you know when it is safe to re-enter the building. 
  • If not safe, CNM Security or other emergency personnel will provide additional instructions, depending on the situation.


  • Faculty office door –
    • G-201 has a door code changed each term; faculty will be notified via email of the new code each term, and the new code is placed in faculty mailboxes.
    • I-211 has a swipe card lock; faculty will need to get their CNM ID card coded for this door.  See information below to request.
  • Keys for office cubicles and file cabinets are available by request from the office staff, and are available on a first come/first serve basis, as storage space is limited. 
  • Keys for locked classrooms are available to faculty teaching in that room.  Faculty are contacted via email before the beginning of the upcoming term to alert them to request this.  To request a key to a locked classroom, email the appropriate staff (Kristin Gonzales at ).  Include your name, CNM ID number, and room for which you are requesting a key.
  • Classrooms with swipe card locks require your CNM ID be coded.  Faculty are contacted via email before the beginning of the upcoming term to alert them to request this.  To request that your CNM ID be coded to unlock that classroom, email the appropriate staff (Kristin Gonzales at ).  Include your name, CNM ID number, and room for which you are requesting coding.

Office Hours

  • Each faculty member must submit their office hours via the web form prior to the start of each term.  Office hours are used to assign office space at Montoya Campus.
  • Full-Time faculty report their office hours for the coming term to the office staff on this same web form; their office cubicle assignment will not change.
  • Faculty office hours are released to students asking when faculty will be in the office.

Phone Calls

  • Phone calls are transferred to the faculty member’s desk phone or individual voice mailbox. 
  • If the caller requests, a message will be written and placed in the faculty mailbox as well. 


  • Scantron forms are provided for sale at the bookstore; students may purchase their form at a nominal cost. 
  • Faculty members should check with their Academic school office regarding any Scantron needs.
  • Scantron test-scoring machines locations:
    • I-211:  along south wall of office
    • G-201:  outside of workroom

Schedule Changes

  • Faculty should inform staff of their whereabouts in the event a student is looking for you.
  • All office staff should be informed about substitutes, cancelled office hours, etc. so that proper notice can be given should the need arise.


  • Security of the faculty office is crucial. 
  • Safeguard all of your personal items such as keys, purses, etc.
  • Be aware that the campus will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Faculty office doors in back of office are emergency exits only; these doors must remain closed at all times for security and safety reasons.
  • Office staff will notify faculty when a visitor arrives.  At the conclusion of your meeting, please escort your visitor back to the front of the office, especially if it is before or after normal office hours and office staff are not present.
  • Remain at the front door until it closes if entering or leaving before or after hours or when office is not staffed.
  • Avoid meeting with students in the cubicle.  Presence of students in the faculty office area presents several security concerns, such as a grade book being open, etc.  Conference rooms are specifically designed for the purpose of meeting with students.

Faculty Evaluations

  • Evaluations of faculty by students are conducted online; students will be notified via their MyCNM email when it is time to complete evaluations.

Student Homework

  • Student homework submitted to faculty is attached to an information sheet and placed in the faculty mailbox immediately. 
  • The drop box outside the door is checked every time the office is reopened.

Student Pick-Up File

  • Student Information or Assignments may be left with the office staff for students to pick up at the reception desk. 
  • Faculty members will complete a “pick-up slip” and place it with the materials in the “Student pick-up” file.
  • Students may then retrieve these materials from the office staff during normal office hours, or from their faculty member if after hours.


  • Basic office supplies are provided.  Items such as transparencies, transparency markers, binders, and other supplies should be requested by faculty members through their academic school office.


  • Students may take make-up exams in the Assessment Center.  Faculty will need to:
  • complete the testing form with instructions for the proctor
  • deliver test with form to the Assessment Center
  • pick up the completed test from the Assessment Center
  • Forms are available in each faculty office.


  • Visitors are always asked to wait for assistance.  Students, Book Reps, or anyone else will need to be escorted. 
  • In all cases, the faculty member is contacted either by phone or in person to let him/her know that a visitor is here to see them. 
  • Faculty are asked to come to the front of the office to meet the visitor.  Note that visitors are not usually escorted back to faculty cubicles.
  • The preferred location for meetings with visitors is in the conference rooms.