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Montoya Campus Classroom Access

Montoya Campus is equipped with many Technology Enhanced Classrooms that are secured.  If faculty are scheduled to teach in a secured Tech-Enhanced classroom they will be notified by email; the individual is required to request access for their room(s).

  • For ID Card Swipe Access, faculty will need to submit their request before the end of the previous term to meet the deadline set by CNM’s Lock Shop.

The Montoya Campus Key Coordinator, Kristin Gonzales, will contact you via e-mail when your key(s) or ID Card is/are available for pickup.  Photo Identification is required to pick up key(s) or ID Card.  After 30 days the requested key(s) or ID Card will be returned to the Lock Shop and the request cancelled.

for questions or concerns about Classroom Access please contact Kristin Gonzales @ or 224-4000 ext. 51449