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Montoya Campus Motor Pool Procedures

If you would like to reserve a CNM vehicle from Montoya Campus please follow these steps:

  • Contact Amanda Vital – 224-4000 ext. 51629, 224-5881 or
    Or stop by I-211
  • Please provide the following information
    • Name and Department
    • Location of where you need to go
    • Pick up and drop off times for the CNM vehicle

In order to be eligible to drive a CNM vehicle you must have attended the employee defensive driving course online, have the Driver’s Consent form, and a copy of your driver’s license on file with Parking Services. You cannot reserve a CNM vehicle for personal use or to work at another location for your work hours. If there is a cancellation, please inform the Motor Pool contact as soon as possible so that other employees may use it if needed.

Please read the additional guidelines in The Source employee handbook.