CNM Communication Studies Faculty

Michael Bassow

Toni Black

Joanna Brooks Case

Robert Carriaga

Tom DampTom Damp
After working in the drafting/design field for several years, I went back to school and got a BA in Communication. I later taught English in Japan for three years. After returning to the States, I pursued a MA in Communication from UNM with an emphasis in intercultural communication. I teach classes in interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, and public speaking.
My teaching philosophy is evolving over time. In face-to-face classes I place an emphasis on pair work and small group work. I am finding that many students appreciate learning through doing.

Glenda Davis

Leslye Evans-Lane

Julie FisherJulie Fisher
I earned my Master’s Degree in Communication Studies from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 1999 where I taught communication classes as a graduate student. As a teaching assistant I discovered my passion for promoting education and working with students. Since graduate school I’ve taught communication classes as an adjunct faculty at Orange Coast College and Santa Ana College in Orange County and locally at both UNM and CNM.  
I believe that learning should be a life-long pursuit and that through education we discover our values and our voice. The concepts taught in communication classes give students a better understanding of themselves and when this new understanding is given a voice, students have the opportunity to add their experience to our collective body of knowledge. I encourage critical thinking, analysis, explorative writing and validating research to empower my students and focus on fostering trust and participation in the classroom. I believe it’s critical to demonstrate the relevance of the concepts in our discipline to student’s lives and experiences while balancing relevance with course rigor.  
All people have untapped potential and if we choose, we can continually progress in our journey to self-actualization.   I believe my role as an instructor is to encourage, motivate and inspire students to reach their potential.

Lisa German
I completed my Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees at the University of Nebraska-Omaha focusing on Communication, specifically Instructional and Interpersonal Communication.  I also took courses towards completion of a PhD in Education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Since moving to New Mexico, I have placed obtaining my PhD on hold while I focus on teaching at a new institution.   
My professional focus is on instructional communication – specifically communication apprehension, instructor immediacy and effectiveness as well as learning models/styles.  
Overall my teaching philosophy is to encourage students to perform at their highest possible level.  I do this by setting high expectations, then helping them find the best learning methods to reach those expectations.  I include lecture, discussion, activities, case studies and the like in my classes to provide a variety of learning tools for my students.

Vivian Harris

Sherry HolmenSherry Holmen
BA Psychology UNM
MA Communication UNM
Officially I am a Communication Specialist, but mostly that just means that I am curious about how we manage to connect with others and how we can increase our skills to become more effective communicators.  I've taught courses at CNM for a couple of decades.  I like to focus on interpersonal and classroom communication.  Additionally, I've taught at The University of New Mexico, South Thames College - London England and Stockport College - Manchester England. 
I believe learning is best served when we feel a connection with the teacher, our fellow classmates and the material.  Additionally, learning is vastly aided by individual preparation – by guided reading, thinking and writing before class.  Once in class, when we engage cooperatively with peers in an activity or discussion, we begin to own the material, the skills. We can also see that there are different perspectives in nearly every situation. Lastly, clarity of the goal and the opportunity to analyze our efforts are critical. When we are given clear written instructions and rubrics, ‘success’ is clarified and we can judge our own efforts.

Krishna Kandath

Lissa Knudsen

Monique Lacoste

Sidni Lamb

Rachel Levitt

Myra Luna Lucero

Heidi MurphyHeidi Murphy
I’ve been an educator and researcher in the field of Communication Studies for most of my adult life. I received my PhD in Communication from the University of New Mexico in 2006 after having completed a study about the value of media literacy in students’ lives. In both my research and teaching, I have focused on how communication (particularly mass media) shapes human beings and creates meaning in societies, and on how we can more actively insert ourselves into that meaning-making process in order to better serve our own needs and goals.
Currently, I teach courses in mass communication, interpersonal communication, public speaking and intercultural communication, as well as the introductory communication course.
My teaching strategies focus on practical activities in the classroom, meaningful application outside of the classroom and critical thinking. I expect my students to be engaged in exploring the hows and whys behind almost everything we cover in class. I also encourage students to think beyond the classroom by constantly considering what I call the “so what” and “now what” questions. [So…what does this material actually mean for me and for others? And, now what can I actually do with this information in order to better serve my own needs and goals?]

Jessica Nodulman

Margarita Olivas

Lisa Orick-Martinez Lisa Orick-Martinez
Dr. Orick-Martinez earned her PhD in Education from the University of New Mexico in the Organizational and Instructional Technologies program in 2002. Her Master of Arts with an emphasis in Communication Studies is from the University of Wyoming 1991 and she earned her Bachelors of Business Administration from National University in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1989.
Lisa started as a part-time instructor in 1991 at then Albuquerque Technical Vocational Institute (TVI) and is a past the Chair of the Communication Studies Program. Dr. Orick-Martinez has served on the board and is a past president of the prestigious International Listening Association and is only one of a few dozen people in the world who are certified as a “Listening Professional.”
Dr. Orick-Martinez believes that for adults teaching and learning should be fun as well as educational. Her classes are a testament to that philosophy with experiential learning opportunities and many activities that support the subject matter in her courses.

Diane Pressel

Patricia Tarry-Stevens
Patricia Tarry-Stevens received her undergraduate degree in Speech from Kansas State University, and then later received her Master’s Degree in Education from UNM. Although she started teaching the only class in public speaking offered at TVI in 1979, she went on to teach full time at the high school level for many years. During this time she was also involved in coaching and assisting speech/debate teams, directing plays, and working on indie film crews. Returning to CNM (formerly TVI) in 2002, the focus for her has been to engage students in many of the different aspects of communication studies.
Learning is a collaborative process, and so my teaching philosophy is always to provide an honest exchange between student and teacher, to get all of us to see diverse views and the value of that diversity and communication.

Elaine Tassy
Elaine Tassy is a 1988 graduate of Wesleyan University where she double-majored in English and Cultural Politics. After spending the next ten years working as a reporter at the Baltimore Sun, Los Angeles Times and as a freelancer, she received a Master’s degree in Journalism from Ohio State University in 1999. Since then, she has taught at journalism, writing and communications classes four-year and community colleges including Temple University, Rider University and St. Joseph's University, in Philadelphia, as well as Delaware and Montgomery County Community Colleges in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. She is the author of the novel Pumpkin Bread and the workplace memoir, How the Sun Lost Its Shine . Her work has been anthologized in a collection of short stories and included in a textbook chapter. She sees her challenge as an instructor as making learning fun, interactive and enjoyable, while still fulfilling the objectives of the class.

Tieg Veinot