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Frequently Asked Questions

CNM Sociology Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I take a Sociology course?

Sociology can help you understand the social world in the fast changing world today. It is practical and contains a vast store of information about issues that concern everyone. Most importantly, Sociology can teach you to ask and answer important questions and evaluate competing ideas and popular claims that appear in the media.

Are there prerequisites for any Sociology courses?

Prerequisite: RDG 100 or appropriate placement score. Some courses have sociology 1101 as required, some simply recommend sociology 1101. Consult the current CNM catalog for more specific information.

Is English 1101 required for any Sociology courses?

English 1101 is not required for any Sociology course. College-level writing skills are expected in all Sociology courses.

What is the attendance policy in Sociology classes?

All Sociology classes follow the CNM attendance policy stated in the catalog. Class exercises and discussion are a vital part of learning and your participation is necessary and frequently counts as part of your grade. Also, both future employers and financial aid may request copies of your attendance records.

What type of assignments should I expect in Sociology courses?

All courses include final exams and may include quizzes, multiple-choice exams, essay exams, oral reports, group presentations, written projects, research reports, journals, service learning, role-plays, team projects, homework assignments or other assignments depending upon the individual instructor.

Will I have written assignments in Sociology classes?

This is an individual instructor decision; however, writing is an important part of the learning process and all courses require written assignments. The ability to communicate effectively in writing is essential to everyone.

How many exams can I expect in Sociology courses?

This depends upon the instructor. All instructors are required to give a final exam. Some instructors give a midterm and a final. Others give 3-4 or more exams during the semester or a quiz after every chapter.

How do Sociology courses transfer to other colleges or universities?

It depends upon the individual school. Some courses will meet general requirements or Sociology major requirements and others will transfer as electives. Check individual college catalogs for specifics.

Are any special supplies required for Sociology courses?

This depends upon the instructor. Some courses may have optional study guides available. Some instructors may require blue books, index cards or other supplies, which are also available at the bookstore.

What kinds of careers are available in the field of Sociology?

Sociology is a vast discipline and offers many different types of careers to those who pursue it. Check the following Internet sites for more information.