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MSE Course-Repeat Self-Assessment Form

Students requesting Course-Repeat permission from the Math Science & Engineering School must use this form. The deadline to request a course repeat for Fall 2014 has passed. This process will be repeated for 2015 Spring Term. Please check back.

This form is for students who want to enroll in a course offered by the School of Math, Science & Engineering (MSE) and who were blocked because of having already attempting the course at least twice.

Date of This Request
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Step 1 - Answer questions in this section by referring to your unofficial transcript.
3. Did you repeat the prerequisite course(s) for this class?  

4. Have you repeated any other classes at CNM?  

5. Have you ever received a course repetition clearance for this class?  

Step 2 - Please answer the following questions regarding the last time you took this course:
3. Did you seek assistance from your instructor regarding ways to be successful?  

4. Did you seek tutoring services?  

5. Did you seek help from an achievement coach?  

7. Will you be working while you are repeating this course?  

A meeting with the MSE Achievement Coach is required to complete this process.

  • Once you have submitted this Course Repeat Request Form, call the MSE Office – (505)  224-3561 – and schedule an appointment with the Achievement Coach if you have not done so already.

  • This appointment is not optional.