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Nontraditional Credit

Course substitution, waiver and exams for credit

Course Substitution

A course for which a student has already received credit may be substituted for a required course within the student's program if the substituting course meets the competencies of the required course.
Course substitutions must be approved by the academic division in which the student's program is offered. Please refer to main offices of the academic divisions for further details.

If the substituting course has fewer credit hours, the student may be required to make up the credit difference with appropriate coursework identified by the division.

Course Waiver

A course waiver is an exemption from a required course because the competencies and/or learning objectives of the course have been attained through prior training, education, and/or work experience. A course waiver removes a course and its associated credit as a requirement from a student’s program.  A demonstration of these competencies will be required. A course waiver must first be approved by the academic School in which the student's program is offered and then secondly by the School in which the waived course is offered. Please refer to main offices of the academic Schools for further details. Credit waivers do not require the student to make up the deficient credit(s).  Because all CNM graduates in degree programs must complete a minimum of 60 credits and 90 percent of the credits required in their certificate program, there is a limit on the number of course waivers that can be granted. 

Examination of Credit

Advanced Placement (AP) and College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Students may earn credit through Advanced Placement (AP) and College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests. Earned AP and CLEP credit will be treated as transfer credit. For more information, refer to the CNM Catalog or contact an advisor or the CNM Records Office.

See required scores and instructions for submitting AP results.

See required scores and instructions for submitting CLEP results.

CNM Challenge Exams

CNM Challenge Exams are available to applicants and currently enrolled students who wish to establish CNM credit for prior education, training and/or experience. Other post secondary institutions may not accept challenge exam credit. The fee for most exams is $15. Please see refer to the appropriate academic division for further information on Challenge Exams.

The following restrictions apply to all CNM Challenge Exams:

  • A student may attempt a challenge exam only once per course.
  • A student may not take a challenge exam if, within the last 10 years, he or she completed the course at any school with a final grade, including AU but excluding W grades.
  • A grade of CR will be recorded upon the student's completion of CNM credit coursework in the same or subsequent term.
  • Courses successfully challenged may count toward program requirements, but not CNM's graduation residency requirement.