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CNM Bookstore Refund Policies

  1. You must have an original cash register receipt

  3. Last day to receive a full refund for textbooks

    Full Term Classes -- 15 calendar days from the first day of class
    Short Term Classes -- 7 calendar days from the start of class
    Department Purchases -- 60 days from purchase for desk copies
    All other purchases -- 48 hours
    Items purchased by check cannot be returned until 5 days after the purchase.


3.   Returning New Textbooks

Books must be clean and unmarked to receive a 100% refund.
Class materials printed at the CNM Duplicating & Printing Center are non- refundable.
Packaged textbooks cannot be returned if the shrink wrap has been opened.
Books purchased for one weekend classes are eligible for a full refund after the class date only if the class is cancelled or the books were defective.


4.   Computer Software, Diskettes, Calculators, etc.

Must be in the original unopened package to be eligible for refund.



Bookstore Refund Policy for Student Activation into the Armed Forces

Members of a military reserve or National Guard unit may be ordered to active duty. It is Follett’s intent to help college and university students who are activated by offering them a full refund, with receipt, on their required course textbooks and related course materials.

  • Students who must withdraw from classes prior to final exams without a letter grade being assigned will be offered a full refund on required course materials.
  • A copy of the military orders or a CNM withdrawal form indicating a withdrawal for military service must be presented with the course materials.
  • Full refund will be granted within 30 days from the date of activation.
  • Because students may only have 24 to 48 hours to complete arrangements before reporting to active duty, a refund may be secured by another person on behalf of the student, within the above conditions.